Into the Grizzly Maze (2015) – Review, Rating and Synopsis

Into the Grizzly Maze (2015)

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  • Release Date:  2015
  • Genre:  Animals & Nature
  • Director:  David Hackl
  • Screenwriter:  Guy Moshe, J.R. Reher
  • Cast & Crew: James Marsden, Thomas Jane, Piper Perabo, Scott Glenn, Michaela McManus, Billy Bob Thornton, Adam Beach, Kelly Curran, Reese Alexander, Luisa d’Oliveira, Sean Owen Roberts, Bill Croft, Mariel Belanger, Mark Acheson, and Michael Jonsson.

Into the Grizzly Maze (2015) Rating:

  • Eloise = 4 / 10;
  • Raoul = 5 / 10;
  • IMDB = 5.3/10;
  • Rotten Tomatoes = 2.4/10.

Into the Grizzly Maze (2015) Synopsis:

Two brothers re-unite in their native Alaska town to put an end to the killing frenzy of a giant grizzly bear.

Into the Grizzly Maze (2015) Review:

The title pretty much says it all, Grizzly is a movie featuring a big ass Grizzly that goes wild and start killing people.

As expected, the movie is set in a little town near the woods of Canada. The story itself, centered around the theme of deforestation, is basic but has got a set of characters interesting enough to keep the viewer interested. Actually, Grizzly features a bunch of surprisingly famous actors including that annoying guys who played Cyclop in X-Men, as well as the lead guy from The Mist, both playing quite well here.

The grizzly itself is of course the star of the show. It looks ok in the first hour of the movie – appearing as a mixture of real grizzly footage and computer generated effects. The problem is the final scene that comes and ruins it all. It is so fake looking that it makes the all movie loose its credibility.

Still, Grizzly keeps this strange level of entertainment that most creature movies have. Thereee is a fair lot of action and the feeling that the crew is tracked by the bear creates a suspense good enough to give that movie the average mark.

Into the Grizzly Maze (2015) Cast:

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