How to Choose a Name for Your Baby. Useful Tips for Choosing a Matching Name
How to Choose a Name for Your Baby. Useful Tips for Choosing a Matching Name

How do I choose a name for my child? There are many options. Some people just want to, and some want to dig up tons of books or follow traditions, family or church. In the old days it was much easier for future parents to do so. The name was predetermined by religious or family tradition. There was no choice at all. To be precise, it was, but within the limits of the options available. below in this article, we will cover the How to Choose a Name for Your Baby. Useful Tips for Choosing a Matching Name.

Choosing a female name for a child is considered to be more difficult than choosing a male name. It’s a controversial question, but the principles are still the same. The main thing is not to be too wise. Long names – it may be beautiful, but like any imitation, useless. And what’s more, it’s even harmful. Long, complex, pretentious name of the girl – the reason for the complexes of the child himself, who will regularly face jokes when addressing her, and the reason for embarrassment to others. Or a “great” pretense for jokes. A friend of mine called his son Isakin. Why is that? His grandfather bore this name, who, in turn, called himself so himself, at a time when young intellectuals were inventing the world – including names – all over again. But those times, fortunately, are long behind us, but the habit of naming children after relatives has remained. It’s a good thing, of course, but sometimes you should think about children. The result – most likely, the guy will face difficulties in the future.

Hence the moral: how to choose the right name for the child? Just to think about him, not about yourself, not about your desires and ambitions. Abstain from too complicated names, from names with high potential. When a name either contains a dangerous rhyme, or just causes unnecessary associations, your offspring threatens to fight off ridicule all the time. Will he be able to? Yes, perhaps the constant readiness to fight will strengthen his character, but there are more justified circumstances for this.

And think carefully before you give the baby a double name. Did you name the baby Hanna-Maria”? It’s beautiful, you can’t argue. But what will she end up being called by others? And wouldn’t someone at school yell “Hanna!” and someone yell “Maria” at your daughter. Anyway, there’s a lot of reasons to be confused. Is it worth it? It’s up to you to decide, but then don’t be surprised if your daughter makes a complaint when she grows up. Or abandon such a problematic name, on which you have long and creatively puzzled.

And yet, what is the name of the child? Names can mean something to you, or they can just sound good. You can believe that there is a connection between name and destiny, or you can treat it with a certain irony. And there’s also a fashion for names. A short surname is a long name (and vice versa); the more cuddly derivatives the better; be careful with exotic and literary characters or even vampire names… And so on. Of course, through the name that we choose for the child, we realize ourselves, without that there is no way. But try, again, to think ahead. Think about who lives with that name. Live in such a way that you can’t wait to get a passport and it’s a relief not to change what you’ve chosen for him in such agony.