How can you watch movies on IPTV?

How can you watch movies on IPTV
How can you watch movies on IPTV

Say welcome to the new way of watching movies, your favourite sports programs and entertainment. Gradually the days if paying for expensive cable plans are going to be behind us as there is a better and cheaper of way of watching our shows. Lower cost is also not the only advantage which you get from this new service but also the convenience of device used. You can stream, watch to your heart’s content with IPTV.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television which refers to a system that uses internet protocol over a network against traditional satellite signals for the transmission of television services to your screens. This means as long a you have an internet connection available you can watch your shows, sports or every kind of entertainment programs you choose. This means less restrictions like with cable services, you get too watch only what the service has to offer and nothing more but with IPTV, the options just went over the roof.

Setting up your IPTV might be a bit complicated and technical but there are a good number of easy to use set up option which you can explore. These are simple plug and play solutions which can be set up even by the most technologically inept person. It is similar to plugging in a box to your television and you are good to go. Thereee are a range of iptv box available which you can chose from.

For you to have access to the content on IPTV you must first have the requisite device which can take the content and also decipher it for your viewing pleasure. This in addition to a source which will connect you to the server channels. Such devices which can give you access are Smart TV’s , Mobile phones and Set up boxes. Most people would want to go with using a smart tv mainly due to their size. You just picture your favourite movie streaming on that 62 inch tv, you image the picture quality and a bag of chips beside you. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but smart tv’s are a poor choice for streaming content on IPTV. They are not designed for it but there might be some configurations by which they could work but the results are not impressive. Mobile phones in the other hand, are designed for streaming. You can carry them around, but you would have to make do with the smaller screen size as opposed to a tv. They aren’t configured for out of the box streaming also but there are countless apps which could help you here if you know which works with your phone. The best to use of the three for streaming is Set up boxes. They are designed just for streaming media. Not matter your preference there are set up boxes available. From IPTV set up boxes, no name brand set up boxes even Android set up boxes are all readily available.

Thereee are different apps which you can also use to watch movies or entertainment content on IPTV. Some of these apps are quite familiar and you use them all the time. Such apps are VLC, undoubtedly one of the best and strongest players in the world. You can use this for some mobile platforms like tablets and PCs. Best things about VLC, it is free. Next is the GSE Player, available on both Android and iOS, you can use the GSE to broadcast image from your smartphone to your smart tv. This a very popular app with most people. Kodi is free, one of the sturdiest home theatre software plus guaranteed excellent user experience. Perfect player is next and can be used on the linux operating system, Windows and Android. Lazy Iptv allows you stream online in m3u format. Wiseplay is another great app. You can also use Roku, but you would have to pay a certain fee.

IPTV is offered in three different ways to users. The most popular of this ways is VOD(video on demand). This the way most streaming services provide users with content to watch. You choose the video you can to watch from an already pre-selected list of available content. You have already paid for a plan meaning you get to use the service for a specified period of time while you have a valid subscription. Thereee is also the Time-shifted IPTV. This makes content which has already been aired available for viewers at a time when it is convenient for them to watch. Most cable companies also have this feature which enables a user record their favourite shows when they are not around to watch it. They can then watch at a better time. the last of the three ways is the Live Broadcasting. This watching the shows or sports programs in real time.

Watching movies via the internet is the new way of enjoying your entertainment content. Although this dependent on your internet connection. You must have a good internet connection to reap the benefits of IPTV. Thereee is also the devices which you use. The advisable choice is to opt for a Set up box. This especially for streaming because these boxes are designed for IPTV primarily. This not to say other devices like your smartphones, tablets and smart tv would not work, but they are not the best choice for streaming IPTV content.

IPTV on its own is free. All you need are sources, a device which can receive and decipher the content for you. For most devices however, you would need an app which you can use to play this content. Most apps are compatible with Android and iOS systems  for mobile phones and also some apps are good for PCs. Which ever you choose, your movies, shoes, sports programs will be right at your fingertips. Move over the new and improved way of watching entertainment content at a cost lower than what you are used to.