Hellraiser Bloodline – Cenobite 4 Full Movie Series

Hellraiser Bloodline - Cenobite 4 Full Movie Series

Hellraiser Bloodline Cenobite 4 Full Movie Series



The leader of the Cenobites after World War I. Angelique summoned him to the basement of Merchant’s office building after having Sharpe solve the Box. He created the Twin Cenobites out of the twin security guards that discovered him. He sent them back to Hell to be finished. He disagreed with Angelique on how to get Merchant to finish the Elysium Configuration. He wanted to threaten him into it.

He kidnapped Jack to do this. Bobbi solved the Box and sent him back to Hell. Before returning, he grabbed Angelique with chains and takes her with him. In 2127, he arrived with the Twins, the Chatterer Beast, and Angelique on Space Station Minos. He was fooled by a hologram of Merchant and died when the Elysium Configuration was solved. His last word was: “Amen.”


AngeliqueOriginally, she was a homeless girl who had no family and wasn’t “even christened.” Jacques brought her to de L’Isle to use in his black magic ceremony. She was fed rotten food and then tied to a chair. Jacques strangled her to death and she was skinned. Her blood was poured into a pentangle under the dining room table, and her skin was suspended over this with hooks and chains.

De L’Isle performed his black magic ceremony, using the Lament Configuration, and summoned a demon from Hell to inhabit Angelique’s skin. De L’Isle showed her, her reflection and named her “Angelique.” As a Cenobite, her skull is split down the middle and the skin is pulled toward her shoulders with wires. She wears a black bodice which is sewn into her chest.



twins 2Former Security Guards. Pinhead summoned a Cenobite Maker from Hell, and the twin’s flesh was twisted together. Pinhead sent them back to Hell to be finished. As Cenobite, the Twins are one person from the neck down. Their faces are twisted together on the sides. The left twin’s face is permanently grinning, while the right twin’s face is forever frowning. In the center of their twisted flesh is the disk from the star panel of the Lament Configuration.

Chatterer beast

Chatterer beastPinhead’s pet: a Cenobite dog. Wires pll back the skin around its mouth, exposing large and sharp teeth. It constantly drools and clicks its teeth together.




DUC DE l’isle

DUC DE l'isleFrance’s greatest magician.” A French nobleman is interested in the occult. He commissioned Phillip LeMarchand to create the box to “very specific request[s].” He had Jacques bring him a homeless girl to use in the black magic ceremony that the Box was a part of. He chanted some magic words 9 times. This caused the Box to solve itself and the floor to open up, leading to Hell. A demon emerged and entered the girl’s skin. He commanded it to “walk now amongst us.” He showed her her face in a mirror, saying: “You are Angelique.”