8 Game-Changing Tips On Getting More Views On YouTube

    Getting More Views On YouTube
    Getting More Views On YouTube

    What are the essential statistics for someone who wants to grow a channel on YouTube? There are many of them, but one of the vital things for progress is views. Each 1000 YouTube views can maximize your influence by a significant measure, so no wonder that you have to be concerned about grossing more views every day. 

    One of the biggest problems a beginner can meet when launching a channel on YouTube is that the competition rate is enormous. The number of successful bloggers in major industries grows exponentially, and it may seem not very easy to win your place under the social media sun. But no worries, if you get to drive users’ attention to your videos, hence get more views, you will earn your position within the Olympus in your chosen niche. In this article are gathered 8 practical tips for gaining more views on YouTube, so let’s dig in!

    Own YouTube SEO

    Understanding how the system works and nailing it for your success is a must. There are algorithms that control categorizing and relevance of videos that users see. Their work is the organization of the ranking process. YouTubers can impact this matter mainly by using the right keywords for their content. This way, bloggers significantly increase the chance to appear in the search results and feeds of the target audience. 

    With competitive keywords, you are able to appear in the right search results and increase your visibility multiple times. 

    • Add keywords to your titles. The experience of many people proves that this practice helps to increase your visibility. Input the keyword organically, preferably at the beginning of the sentence.
    • Use keywords in video tags. This parameter is hidden from the eyes of other users, but it helps YouTube algorithms categorize your content correctly.
    • Provide keywords for your video description. Even though you may think that this text is not so crucial for driving user’s attention, it works for the inner systems of YouTube and improves your discovery potential. 

    All the actions targeted for SEO optimization have to be aimed at your visibility on the platform. So remember there is a difference between targeting and squeezing in as many keywords as possible. Your primary concern is the relevance of your keywords, not their quantity. 

    Cross-promote Your Videos On Other Networks 

    For getting more views on YouTube, you have to attract an audience from other social media. If you want to increase your influence on social media, you have to embrace more than one platform for your discoverability. 

    On supporting networks that you choose, you can announce your upcoming videos, communicate and engage with your followers, thus motivating them to check out your content on YouTube. The ultimate rule to keep in mind is that you must create exclusive content for each platform that you embrace. Providing something unique for every network helps to drive new eyes for your content on YouTube. 

    Use Cards And End Screens

    Getting More Views On YouTube

    To give your viewer a hint on another interesting and related video of yours, you can use YouTube tools that are implemented in the video player. These are cards and end screens. 


    The card is a tiny banner that will appear in the upper right corner of your video. You can add it to link the related content and inform your viewers subtly about it, so they won’t lose track of the current video they are watching. 

    End Screen

    This tool is placed at the end (what a surprise!) of your video. It looks like the icon that showcases the following video that you offer your viewers to check out. You can put in a related video or place the link to subscribe button and place the motivating text. 

    Create Compelling Thumbnails

    In case you underestimate the power of this small icon, we shall explain why it is so crucial for getting more views. A thumbnail is a very first thing that users will see in their search results. Hence, this is your number one instrument in triggering the interest of the potential viewers. So, the importance of a thumbnail cannot be stressed enough. Here are the main things to remember when you are working on your video thumbnails:

    • Always create custom thumbnails. The ones that YouTube studio offers are nothing more than just still shots from your video.
    • Go for minimalistic design to leave air for the most necessary details.
    • Add branding elements and colors to your thumbnails to unite your visual key and make the association for users.
    • Don’t use too much text. Remember that the size of the image is tiny, and all the materials in it have to be distinct.

    Work On Your Titles

    Along with the thumbnails, video headlines are a powerful, appealing tool that helps to get more views on YouTube. Your title has to describe what your video is about, so your target audience reacts to it, yet it has to keep some intrigue, so there is the motivation to watch the video. 

    • Announce what your viewer gets after he watches the video
    • Use uncommon terms to trigger the interest
    • Impress with numbers
    • Make your viewers curious about the outcome of your video, but avoid clickbait tabloid style.


    Although YouTube is a competitive environment, there is always a place for support and cross-promotion among influencers who occupy the same industry. Reach out to bloggers from your niche who have an established audience. You can ask for their collaboration and enter the discussions that happen in their comments. 

    For example, you are launching a channel about DIY projects. Look for trendy videos in this sphere and begin communicating with the people in the discussion. Be subtle, and don’t try to “sell” your content at once. 

    Attract Viewers With Your Content

    Nothing works better for gaining influence on YouTube than original and exciting content. The power of a worthy video is indeed enormous. As the competition grows, so make the demands of users. They want to see something new and interesting, sprinkled with personal charisma. Only great content can impress them and lead you to success on YouTube.

    Find what people want to watch, and implement this knowledge in your creations. When you give something valuable and entertaining to your viewers, you are practically guaranteed to expand your influence on YouTube. 

    Plan Your Work

    To keep up the interest of your audience and maintain your success, you must plan your work. And this matter is not only about the proper schedule, although this is also vital. Think about making a series of content that practice will provide a stable flow of views to your channel. Individual videos are more brutal to produce on the same frequency, but the series will keep your audience engaged and give you the supply of content to release in the nearest future. 


    As you can see, getting views on YouTube is not the most challenging task if you are ready and armed for lots of research and work. But keep in mind that the quality of your content always goes first. Go for what you are passionate about and put effort into creating something original and valuable for your viewers.