Fanspeaks On Horror Movies

fan speak

House Of Horror has always been by “a fan for the fans” so now it’s time to get the fans more involved with Fan Speak. Throughout the House you have read my little anecdote on movies, directors, stars, the state of Horror, etc. now I want to read yours and possible post it right here in the House of Horrors.

What is Fanspeak?

I get so many great e-mails from people who share their feelings about their love of horror that now I want to start sharing them with the rest of the world. Each movie, director, star, and special effects person will have a separate fanspeak page dedicated to it. This where I will post (at my discretion) the best fanspeak emails I receive.

As with anything, I will have to set certain guidelines. First, I WILL NOT POST EVERYTHING I RECEIVE. Please do not get offended if I don’t put up your stuff…SPACE IS LIMITED!!!! Also, I will rotate post as I see necessary. So your post may be up one day or forever depending on how it touches my dark soul.

Second, I am looking for content. I won’t post things like, “This movie rocks”, “It is better than a $2 hooker in Time Square“, etc. I am not looking for reviews of movies, because I do the reviews. I want to know how you really feel about the thing you are writing about. Get deep, dark, and personal.

Third, I reserve the right to edit the comments for length and language purposes. If you do not agree with this still send me your comments, because I love to read them, but just remember they will not be posted. Let me know in the body of the comments that you don’t want them edited. This doesn’t mean that I will edit everything…only where I see fit.

Fourth, I would like to include a clickable email link to the author, so other fans can email you. This generates even greater dialog and helps to keep the spirit of horror alive and kicking. If you don’t want a clickable email link to let me know also.

As I get emails for each movie, director, star, etc., I will begin to generate separate fanspeak page and provide an index on this page. Hopefully, fans will want to leave their mark and be immortalized in the House of Horrors. And remember I am and always will be the judge of what I feel should be posted since I am the GOD of this here webpage. So starting spilling your guts. Also, please direct any comments, concerns, or suggestions through this online form.