Evil Ed (1996) Full Movie Details

Evil Ed (1996) Full Movie News

A mild-mannered film editor is assigned to cut a series of infamous slasher films and is driven murderously insane by the miles of extremely. The film directed by Anders Jacobsson and initially released on 2 May 1997 in Sweden. Here, below in this article, you will find the details of Evil Ed Full Movie News.

Evil Ed Story

Searching for a replacement, the editing manager Sam Campbell (a tribute to Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell) calls on a promising employee in the art department, Edward Svensson (Johan Rudebeck). His assignment: to edit the most violent movie series ever shot on film, “Loose Limbs”.

It has become necessary to cut the more violent sequences in these films to ensure that the films are not banned when released worldwide. Right away we can tell that this work isn’t his cup of tea, but Ed being the trooper gladly accepts his new assignment. Sam offers up his cabin as Ed’s new editing studio.

His only contact with the outside world comes from phone calls he receives from his wife and the daily deliveries of new film stock to be edited. Unmercifully, he begins mutilating these films beyond recognition, removing even the slightest bit of gore. Slowly, the mild-manner and anal-retentive Edward begins to become more affected by the violent nature of these films as he is driven to the brink of insanity.

Haunted by nightmares and hallucinations, Eddie is direct to cleanse the world of its violent ways by “any means necessary”. Gentle Ed becomes the monster that he is trying so hard to edit out of life.

“Evil Ed” is a Goremongers delight. Blood and body limbs fly as Ed tries to complete his new assignment. Mainly, “Evil Ed” is a tribute to films such as “Evil Dead“, Texas Chainsaw Massacre“, “Gremlins”, etc. “Evil Ed” was written, produced, directed and edited by promising Swedish newcomer Anders Jacobsson. Make sure to pick up the unrated version because it has 5 minutes of additional gore. You will know it unrated if it has the cover shown above. Get this film…” it’s a no brainer”.