Carrie (2013)

Carrie (2013)

Release Date: 2013
Genre: Supernatural Power
Director: Kimberly Peirce
Screenwriter: Lawrence D.Cohen, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Stephen King

 Carrie Movie (2013)Rating:

  • Chris = 7.5 / 10;
  • Peter= 8 / 10;
  • Rowen= 8.5 / 10;

Carrie Movie (2013) Synopsis:

A young girl with an obsessive catholic mother discovers that she has telekinetic power. Being bullied at school, she finally decided that things must change as she gets invited to prom night.

 Carrie (2013) Review:

This modern remake comes as a surprise-less, yet a really pleasant version of the 70’s classic of Brian De Palma. While being faithful to the original story, it brings up a few extra scenes that nicely add up to the story.

The dramatic tone of the film is successfully recreated, but using this time a more modern set up that should allow young viewers to better identify to the characters. The final scene is not deceiving, but the avalanche of CGI does tend to distract the viewer and the film loses its dramatic tone at this point. In that, the original remains much more powerful in every aspect.

Now the choice of actors is a great point here: Chloe Grace Moretz, which you may have seen in Let Me In (the remake) or Kick Ass 2, was chosen to play Carrie White. While not reaching the perfection of Sissy Spacek’s interpretation, she still proves to be a good choice by delivering a remarkable performance. The other key actress, the mum, is here played wonderfully by a really gross-looking Julianne Moore (Children of Men, The Forgotten, Psycho), she might be the strongest point of that film for her character is more developed than in the original.

I was a little disappointed by the teen aspect of the film, which obviously was made for a fairly younger audience. Still, the remake remains a very powerful film that ought to be seen, especially at the cinema if you can.

 Carrie (2013)Cast:

Julianne MooreJulianne MooreMargaret White
Chloë Grace MoretzChloë Grace MoretzCarrie White
Gabriella WildeGabriella WildeSue Snell
Portia DoubledayPortia DoubledayChris Hargensen
Zoë BelkinZoë BelkinTina
Samantha WeinsteinSamantha WeinsteinHeather
Karissa StrainKarissa StrainNicki
Katie StrainKatie StrainLizzy
Ansel ElgortAnsel ElgortTommy Ross
Demetrius JoyetteDemetrius JoyetteGeorge Dawson
Judy GreerJudy GreerMs. Desjardin
Barry Shabaka HenleyBarry Shabaka HenleyPrincipal Morton
Arlene MazerolleArlene MazerolleMiss Helen Finch
Evan GilchristEvan GilchristGreg Delois
Eddie Max HubandEddie Max HubandHarry Trenant (as Eddie Huband)
Alex RussellAlex RussellBilly Nolan
Tyler RushtonTyler RushtonNeighborhood Kid
Connor PriceConnor PriceFreddy ‘Beak’ Holt
Jefferson BrownJefferson BrownMr. Ulmann
Cynthia PrestonCynthia PrestonEleanor Snell
Philip NozukaPhilip NozukaErnie Peterson
Kyle MacKyle MacKenny
Max TopplinMax TopplinJackie
Mouna TraoréMouna TraoréErika
Derek McGrathDerek McGrathHead Commissioner
Chris BrittonChris BrittonDr. Dean L. McDuffy


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