Basket Case 3 Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review

Basket Case 3 Movie

Basket Case 3: The Progeny is a 1991 Hollywood comedy horror film written and directed by Frank Henenlotter. It is the third and final installment of the Basket. this horror-comedy series about the twisted escapades of the Bradley Brothers: the deranged but sensitive Duane (Kevin Van Hentenryck) and his monstrously-deformed former Siamese twin Belial. Here you will find the details of Basket Case 3 Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.

Release Date: 1992
Genre: Small Creatures
Director: Frank Henenlotter
Screenwriter: Frank Henenlotter

Basket Case 3 (1992)  Rating:

Ryan= 5 / 10; Rowan= 2 / 10.

Basket Case 3 (1992)  Synopsis:

Belial’s girlfriend Eve is pregnant and about to give birth to an impressive amount of young deformed beasts. In order to help her difficult pregnancy, Granny Ruth takes everyone to the house of Uncle Hal.

Basket Case 3 (1992)  Review:

This third movie in the Basket Case franchise continues the story exactly where the second movie left it, and actually one could easily see Basket Case 2 and 3 as big story that was cut in half to make two movie (because money I guess).

After mating with Eve in the second movie, Belial kids finally birth out in what must be one of the most gruesome birth scene ever put on screen. This movie is much weirder than the first two ones, and featuring even more monsters. Unfortunately, I think Henenlotter pushed the campy aspect a little too far this time and completely gave up on trying to be scary at all. As a result, Basket Case 3 is grotesque, tons of fun, but lacks that little disturbing aspect that made me love the first two movies so much.

The movie is quite short and cheats a little by reusing many footages from the first two movies. On the brighter side, it had the biggest budget in the franchise which allowed the filmmakers to include some great practical special effects, resulting in some hilarious death towards the end.

Nevertheless, this sequel plays an important part, storywise, in making the Basket Case trilogy one of my personal favourite horror franchise. Of course, this third opus is of less good quality than the first two movies, but the three movies together create a unique, 4 hours epic story that every horror fan should watch.

Basket Case 3 (1992)  Cast:

Kevin Van Hentenryck as Duane Bradley
Annie Ross as Granny Ruth
Jackson Faw as Bailey
Jim Grimshaw as Baxter
Jerry G. White as Banner
Dan Biggers as Uncle Hal
Jim O’Doherty as Little Hal
Tina Louise Hilbert as Opal


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