Bacterium Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review


Bacterium Movie

Bacterium (2006) Hollywood When a handful of friends stumble upon the abandoned building, they come face to face with a biological weapons experiment gone catastrophically wrong.Here we will introduce the details of Bacterium Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review.


Release Date: 2006
Genre: Neo-monsters
Director: Brett Piper
Screenwriter: Brett Piper


Bacterium Movie Rating, Synopsis, Review:

Ellis= 4 / 10;

Rayn= 2 / 10;


A group of friends stumbles upon an abandoned house where lives a strange scientist that protect the world against a deadly blob-like substance.


wondering what a bacterial monster is, the closest explanation I can give you is: a deadly jelly-like substance that exponentially divides like bacteria, and whose size always increase. To be truly honest, all this doesn’t make much sense to me, and the substance ends up being just another blob (see The Blob). Following this explanation, you probably already understood that the tone of Bacterium is not really a serious one. Despite the film trying to look serious, it is a typical B-movies trying to shot scenes that it doesn’t have the budget for, like the massive destruction scenes, the biosafety laboratory scenes (the Army Headquarters which looks like a random office were hilarious). All this makes the film looks very cheap. But the farce doesn’t stop here, and the poor B-movies acting and the multiples inconsistencies in the story (like this guys who wears a costume to avoid contamination, but eat and sleep with his gloves) makes it almost too bad to be true. Bacterium is definitely one of these B-movies that are so bad that they are almost good. However, being unintendedly funny doesn’t make it a good film for me. I laughed a little but still had a hard time finishing the film

Bacterium (2006) Cast:

Credited cast:
Alison WhitneyAlison WhitneyBeth
Benjamin KanesBenjamin KanesJiggs
Miya SagaraMiya SagaraBrook
Andrew KranzAndrew KranzChandler (as Andrew Michael Kranz)
Panhead Fred BauerPanhead Fred BauerHead Biker
Carl BurrowsCarl BurrowsRadio Operator
Buzz CartierBuzz CartierDr. Clarkson – Melting Scientist
Tom CikoskiTom CikoskiSenator Clairmont
Joyce CorboJoyce CorboBiker
Shelley DagueShelley DagueKarin
Jessica DayJessica DayMajor Larson
John DegroJohn DegroBiker
Greg EnselGreg EnselBiker
John Paul FedeleJohn Paul FedeleCaptain Forrester (as John Fedele)
David FineDavid FineGeneral Newcombe


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