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[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

These days Piracy is like cancer for the movie industry. It’s not like, piracy wasn’t there in the past but, right now, there is more accessible internet & also thousands of new options are appearing every day. So, keeping piracy away seems kind of impossible right now. But, with proper education & keeping ourselves away from the temptation of piracy can be just the way we’re looking for. Today I’m here to warn you about one pirated website specifically. It’s called Filmyzilla & it’s one of the big players in the game.

Were you aware of the fact that Filmyzilla is illegal For Latest Full Movie Download 

Maybe you have already used Filmyzilla to download movies or stuff like that or maybe you’ve heard of it before. But, were you aware of the fact that it is illegal? We believe that the majority of the people who download content from these kinds of websites, don’t have a clue about them being illegal.

We must inform you that Filmyzilla was actually banned by the Indian government as it violated the Copyright law of India. But, they keep coming back with new domain names (website addresses).

Latest Movies Leaked On FilmyZilla

What does Filmyzilla offer?

The amount of content that Filmyzilla illegally uploads on their website, is huge. It’s not possible to talk about everything here but, we have made a list that includes the major types.

How does Filmyzilla affect the movie industry & how much?

Whenever a movie appears online days after it was released in theaters, there is absolutely no way for it to be legal. Right now it takes several months from its release before, a movie is authorized to stream on a legal website or to appear on a TV channel.

So, whenever sites like Filmyzilla upload a hall-print or HD version or something like that, a huge number of the potential theater watchers of the movie, download the media from there. This results in lower sale figures for the tickets of that movie. Finally, the makers of the movie end up making way less money & loss in any industry is bad for it.

The figures are actually way higher than what you’re probably thinking of. Just to give you an idea, the Indian movie industry lost an estimated amount of 18000 crores last year just because of piracy. Globally, this amount is huge.

Downloading from Filmyzilla can cost you a lot

If you download pirated content from Filmyzilla or sites like that, please stop. That’s a crime you’re committing & if you get caught it can cost you a lot.

  • You may have to pay a huge fine: If you get fined, you may need to pay a huge amount for that. Generally, this amount goes anywhere from 50000 INR up to 200000 INR.
  • You can go to jail: You can also go to jail for somewhere from 6 months up to 3 years.

Stay away from Piracy, stay safe, educate people & help to make a better world

We can help to create a better world if we all come together & stand against Piracy. This will help millions who work in the industry & we’ll be doing something really good for them. Also, for your own good, you should stay away from Piracy. Remember, if we try to wipe out piracy forever and we decide to work on ourselves & the people around us, we can do it.

So, please, stay away from Piracy, stay safe, educate people & help to make a better world.