3 Exciting Ways to Get Your Horror Fix

3 Exciting Ways to Get Your Horror Fix
3 Exciting Ways to Get Your Horror Fix

If you love to watch scary movies, you may wonder why this is, especially as it’s not something that everyone enjoys. In fact, some people do whatever they can to avoid being scared. Yet for those who love it, there are definitely some things that make horror itself fascinating. Here, you can find the details about 3 exciting ways to get your horror fix.

Studies have gone into this, and it would seem that there are three main reasons why people enjoy horror. The first is that they can project their own fears onto the characters and situations they are watching. The second is that the fear, tension, and shock they experience gives them a boost of adrenalin which is exciting and fun. Finally, the fact that these situations aren’t real, or rather, aren’t happening to them, make them a point of interest. Of course, if the experiences that a horror movie character went through were to happen in real life, it wouldn’t be fun at all.

It’s not always possible to sit and watch an entire horror movie, but there are plenty of other ways to get your horror fix if you are craving it. Read on to find out what they are.


Centuries before horror movies began to be made, horror novels were popular, and they remain so today. In fact, many of your favorite films are most likely based on a horror novel or a short story, and it’s interesting to read the original version of something that could have been changed dramatically to fit in with a movie’s run time or budget.

A truly great horror writer such as Stephen King, Bentley Little, or Dean Koontz can take normal, everyday things and turn them into terrifying page-turners. There won’t be any jump scares as such, but that doesn’t mean a book can’t be absolutely horrifying.


It’s fun to play games, but it’s even more fun to play horror-based games. As well as the thrill you get when playing a board game or mobile app game or video game, you will have the added excitement of the horror element too, making it even more of a challenge to win or even to play for long periods of time due to the scares involved.

No matter what kind of game you like best, you’ll find a horror version of it. There are even casino games online that have a horror theme such as vampires or monsters, or that are based on famous horror characters and movies.

Escape Rooms 

We mentioned earlier that one of the reasons people love horror so much is because there is a barrier between them and the horror itself. In an escape room, that barrier is stretched as thin as possible. Although you know you are still perfectly safe, the fact that you have to escape from a locked room that might also include some familiar horror elements like a chainsaw-wielding maniac or walls that seem to close in on you really will get the heart racing and the brain working at double time.

Escape rooms are mental (and sometimes physical) games that take place in real-time. Your challenge is to get out of the room before your time runs out, and it’s a great thing to do in a group.