Unobvious Tools to Monitor Your eCommerce

Unobvious Tools to Monitor Your eCommerce
Unobvious Tools to Monitor Your eCommerce

The idea of opening an online store sooner or later appears in every other person. No wonder, because it really is a profitable business.  It is able to bring not only financial benefits, but also emotional satisfaction. Many even bring this idea to fruition. And after a couple of months, they give up, not realizing how to increase profits. What is it? The unwillingness to get the knowledge and skills to properly control the store. below in this article, we will cover the Unobvious Tools to Monitor Your eCommerce.

The fact that the online store requires a professional approach, eCommerce reporting, and specialized software. Only the correct approach to solving problems will help to achieve high sales results. And today we are going to talk about indispensable tools that you should master.

Google Ads

Of course, the first thing you must learn is Google Ads. This tool will allow you to effectively promote yourself online by profile request. In the future, you will be able to monitor the effectiveness of advertising on the Internet, adjust settings for better results. A service is truly an indispensable tool for anyone who wants to increase the profitability of online store.

After registration, you get your own account. Here you can not only perform all the actions but also track your work, the effectiveness of one or another of advertising. And also to track key queries with which the filling of your online store will be more effective for search engines.


The client database is your key to success. You must know your client. Expand your questionnaires by offering discounts. Fill in the fields “birthday”, tracking shopping activity, interest in a particular category, etc. Automation of the online store will eliminate the human factor and remind the client that it is time to remind about you, what your current promotions should be interesting to this person, as well as when it is worth to congratulate him on his birthday by offering special conditions.

Order management

If you accept more than one order per week, you should have a good system that allows you to track the status of your order. It is better if the system can automatically distribute orders, track the success of the transaction, as well as take into account the wishes of the customer for future transactions. You will also be able to track the correct operation of your couriers or service with which you cooperate. This as important as possible, because the buyer does not pay attention to the “who is to blame”. His main thing is to get your goods intact and safe in a clearly specified time.

The program of the account of time 

A program that monitors the work of online store employees (for example, Yaware.Timetracker), will help you to track the work of each employee, its effectiveness. And then reward the hardworking bonuses, and the lazy to point at the door. The system automatically monitors the productivity of each employee and makes a report, which is available to both the boss and the employee. In addition, the program is able to track on which sites the labor potential of a person “disappears”. Where does the work time allocated for tasks that have been hung on the board for a couple of weeks and marked “urgent”?