Breaking Down The Best Slasher Movies

As a kid, most people watched slasher movies with their heads placed under the covers. The films were incredibly scary so they stuck with you throughout the years. Today, many watch these old movies so they can relive the nostalgia. The slasher genre is unlike other horror movie genres because it is in your face. Although fans have been blessed with many outstanding slasher moves over the years, some stand out from the crowd. It is hard to ignore Halloween, Psycho, Pepping Tom, and Black Christmas. What are some of the best slasher movies ever? Readers will learn about some of them below.

Best Slasher Movies
Best Slasher Movies


The original Halloween film was released on October 25, 1978, and ran 91 minutes. The independent slasher movie was directed by John Carpenter who also wrote the screenplay with Debra Hill. The movie’s release would be a defining moment for the genre and it would help establish Carpenter as one of the best horror film creators in the world. Halloween starred Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence. The film follows a mental patient who was locked away in a sanitarium for murdering his babysitting sister on Halloween when he was only six. He escapes 15 years later and goes back to his hometown to kill again.

Along the way, he is pursued by his psychiatrist. Filming took place in May of 1978 and the film grossed $70 million. Suffice to say, it was one of the most profitable independent movies ever. There have been several sequels, but it is hard to beat the original Halloween.


When it comes to horror movies, Alfred Hitchcock was a master of the genre. His directing skills helped make Psycho one of the best slasher films ever. The screenplay written by Joseph Stefano helped. The film was based on a novel of the same name which was written by Robert Bloch. The film stars some of the best actors and actresses of its era, including Janet Leigh, Anthony Perkins, John Gavin, Martin Balsam, and Vera Miles. Initially, the film received mixed reviews and was too controversial for some.

However, it proved to be a hit among audience members and did exceptionally well at the box office. Today, Psycho is widely believed to be one of the best movies by Alfred Hitchcock. Any slasher genre fan will love watching this movie. Plus, it is always fun to revisit Hitchcock’s best works.

Friday The 13th

This American slasher film was released on May 9, 1980, and ran 95 minutes. It was directed by Sean Cunningham but written by Victor Miller. It starred Betsy Palmer, Harry Crosby, Laurie Bartram, Mark Nelson, Kevin Bacon, and Adrienne King. The film follows an unknown killer as he begins picking off a group of camp counselors one by one. The film was a major success at the box office and grossed nearly $60 million around the world, but critic reviews were mixed. Fans can guarantee that they’ll have just as much fun watching this film as they would playing at a kaszinó online. As of 2018, the film led to ten sequels. Plus, it had a crossover move with Freddy Krueger.

In addition to this, the movie was used for comic books, television shows, and video games. The Friday the 13th series is one of the most popular slasher franchises ever. And, there is a good chance that there will be more follow-ups in the future.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Wes Craven is one of the best horror film creators. He proved this when he created the 1984 film A Nightmare on Elm Street. Even today, watching the film is scarier than betting it all at wetten online. The series follows a villain by the name of Freddy Krueger. He was a child murderer before he was burned alive by the parents of his victims. He returns and begins killing the teenagers living in Springwood, Ohio. Surprisingly, Freddy kills his victims in their dreams.

The first film starred John Saxon, Ronee Blakley, Amanda Wyss, and Heather Langenkamp. It also features a glimpse of Johnny Depp. The movie was created with a budget of $1.1 million and generated $57 million at the box office. It spawned numerous sequels and Freddy was featured in other media as well. The film is worth checking out.