How to overcome your (worst) fears

overcome your (worst) fears

Everyone has their own fears, probably no one on earth is absolutely fearless. Most people deal with rather a little fear every-day-life like arachnophobia or shyness towards other people. But on the other hand, some people are really struggling with their pervasive fears, they can’t manage to get into a car or in a crowded supermarket. One thing all fears have in common: They restrict life, sometimes just a little, sometimes much. And then there are the well-founded fears that tell you to be careful at the right moment. This inner voice should not be overheard or fought against. In this case, it is better to carefully listen. 

Getting used to scary situations by exposure

Exposure therapy is considered to be a very effective method to get over-restrictive fears. It has a lot of power, but it also costs a lot of strength. The “patients” have to confront themselves with their phobia, over and over again. At first, it will be just a short and shallow confrontation, then the challenges grow bigger and bigger. The idea behind it is to get used to a formerly avoided situation and make the experience that there is no reason for that special fear. People with arachnophobia perhaps have to watch a little spider first, safely locked behind a glass wall. Then the spiders grow a bit bigger and after a while, the time comes to touch one of them – perhaps the most likable of the gang. Exposure therapy sometimes also works by the app: The website e.g. introduces the app Easyheights, a program against fears like fear of heights and spider fear. 

Use distraction possibilities to 

Apps are a good topic at this point because, in some situations, distraction is a useful weapon against fear. And gaming apps have the power to distract a receptive person for money hours. So, if you are afraid of flying, take your smartphone with you onboard and play some games while you jet through the air. Don’t forget to switch on the flight mode! A difficult puzzle game or some rounds of poker will do the trick. If you don’t know any online casinos you can visit the platform to gather some information about the virtual hotspots of your destination country. There you find clearly arranged lists e.g., of Thai venues with all their important characteristics. You will quickly find out everything about the respective bonus systems as well as the minimum and maximum deposits and how the casinos are rated by their customers. Directly after you have chosen the provider that fits you most, you start to play and forget the world around you. Watching Michael Myers instead of gaming would be rather counterproductive, says

Are there any more possibilities? 

Sometimes it is not possible to expose yourself to fear or distract yourself from it. Perhaps you are much too scared to do so or the element of fear is not directly available. If you are afraid of snakes and you live in a country with no snakes at all, everything is fine. But when you want to go on vacation e.g., in Africa, you probably meet one of the scary creatures and have the shock of your life. Maybe you can take precautions by going to the zoo beforehand and watching some snakes in their terrariums to get a little bit used to them. And: Try to get as much information about these animals as possible. Which one is really dangerous – und which one does no harm at all? Try to objectify your fear, learn to distinguish between “good” and “bad” snakes. Perhaps this little excurse on will do you good and with a little luck, you begin to see the beauty of these whimsical animals. 

overcome fears

If you are too scared to begin any therapy by yourself, consider whether you need a professional therapist. A fear that prevents you from doing important things is something you have to get rid of. Experienced therapists know the way out, perhaps this way won’t be short and painless, but in the end, you will gain your freedom. So, don’t hesitate and face your fears in one or another way. This is your opportunity to begin a new life or restart the old, fearless one. 

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