Creepy Movies Based on True Events that’ll Make Your Hair Stand

Creepy Movies Based on True Events that’ll Make Your Hair Stand
Creepy Movies Based on True Events that’ll Make Your Hair Stand

Let’s face it, every time we watch a horror movie the most comforting part is when the credits roll and you realize it was just a work of fiction. None of the monsters, ghosts and serial killers is going to come after you because they simply do not exist. (*phew*) Now you can sleep at night without looking out for a boogeyman under your bed. Here, you can find the details about creepy movies based on true events that’ll make your hair stand.

However, not all movies are the same; there are some absolute spine-chillers that spook you right from the beginning with the words ‘Based on True events’. Even if the movie ends on a positive note, it still scares the life out of viewers because they know something like this actually happened.

So, buckle up, because we’re about to take a look at those movies and the events they were inspired by. In case if any of these titles seem interesting to you, then you can watch them On Demand, using your Mediacom Cable TV connection.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The concept of this movie was inspired by the crimes of Ed Gein from Plainfield, Wisconsin. Ed was a severely psychologically disturbed farmer who was pushed over the edge of insanity after he lost his mother in 1945. 

Ed became a suspect when people in the area started disappearing. After the authorities raided his farmhouse, to their horror, they found bowls, belts, lampshades, and the infamous masks all made from human skin along with dismembered body parts. Gein had crafted these items from his unholy endeavours of grave robbing and he even confessed to 2 murders. So next time you see any movie from the series of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and you think it’s just a scary rubber mask, then think again.

The Hills Have Eyes

The movie follows a family stranded in the middle of a nuclear testing ground, which also happens to be where the mutants reside. The story is inspired by the horrific crimes of the Bean family headed by Sawny Bean near Edinburgh. Sawny Bean is said to have fathered 14 children and 32 grandchildren, all from incest. They all lived in a cave and regularly attacked passersby for cannibalism.

 Although, it hasn’t been confirmed by the authorities, speculations are that this hungry pack of savages victimized around 1000 people like their food. This carried on for over 2 decades before one of the victims escaped and alerted the authorities. Just a reminder, there are people out there who might consider you a snack……. Literally.

The Shining

This gem of a horror movie comes from the mind of the greatest horror storyteller of all times, Stephen King. The story is based on a normal family spending their normal vacation at the not-so-normal Stanley Hotel in Colorado. 

Soon the supernatural presence in the hotel drives the head of the family crazy as he seeks to murder his own wife and child. The brilliant terror delivered by this movie is successful because Stephen King himself experienced paranormal activity when he visited the hotel with his wife. They were alone in the haunted hotel for just a night but what they experienced was enough to send chills through the spine, for years and years to come.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Everyone who has seen this movie wishes that it wasn’t based on true events, but to our nightmarish horrors, it is. This a story of the unfortunate death of a young girl named Emily Rose who was possessed by 6 demons at a time. 

The priest who allegedly performed the exorcism now faces trial for denying Emily her medication and causing her death. The case was an unusual and creepy one as it contained pieces of evidence of her alleged possession, one of which was an actual recording of ‘the demon’ inside Anna, which was also played in the movie. The movie is also available on Spectrum on demand.

The Conjuring

Thereee is a reason why The Conjuring is one of the most terrifying horror movies based on true events. The story is based on the very real case of the Perron family that was handled by paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren. 

Menaces shown in this movie were very real and the premise of it is to make believers out of everyone that people like the Perrons are and can be anywhere in the world. The movie also takes a bold step in describing how hard it can be to get authorization for a proper exorcism in the modern world. Even though the movie ended on the good note, the scariest part is that the true story behind the Perron family didn’t as they continued to face terrible hauntings until they finally left the house after almost 10 years.

All Things Concluded

Thereee’s something about movies based on true events that compel audiences more as compared to something that’s pure fiction. Of course, fiction is good, but movies that highlight real-life perils prepare us to handle unfortunate events. Think of it as a part of your pain-endurance training; the more you get used to it, the better you’ll be able to handle it.