Are you going to open a watch repair shop? So look at the top tips here!

watch repair shop

Are you thinking of opening a watch repair shop, but you don’t know where to start? Know that time control is fundamental to humans and especially to those who inhabit big cities. Everything moves with time and, for this reason, watches manage schedules and days.

The emergence of low-value watches has surprisingly limited the watch repair market. Specialization in certain types such as casio g shock or Grand Seiko can also be a difference for employers in relation to the competition.

The watch industry has a significant amount, which even though they lost some jobs and factories during the crisis season, still remains in a good market situation thanks to the many attractive people in buying authentic watches.

The business plan works for entrepreneurs to have a broader view of the company and the market where the company is incorporated. In a business plan, you will determine the subject as the service you will offer. In addition, the business plan also details financial and human resource issues that you can rely on for the development of the company.

To develop planning, it is necessary to join all material investments, equipment, employee and machine payments. In addition, you also have to research the people who will hire your services, which will be your main competitor, market and more.

Location of the watch repair shop

Location is one of the determinants of the success of a company. For entrepreneurs who want to open a watch repair shop, they must pay attention to aspects such as: visibility, that is, it must be seen by consumers and located on high traffic routes, preferably near shopping centers, colleges or shopping centers, accessibility, parking, stops, movies, and meters near the area and of course, problems such as environmental security.

Structure of the watch repair shop

The minimum structure recommended to open a clock workshop is 30 square meters, with flexibility to expand as development develops. Employers need to remember that the chosen location must include service, repair, office and canopy areas. Some of the tools needed are:

  • Computers
  • Tables and chairs
  • Printer
  • Telephone
  • Fiscal printer
  • Credit card machine
  • Debit card machine
  • Alarm
  • Glass counter for showcase
  • Service counters


Disclosure is an important tool for making companies and services known to potential customers. For entrepreneurs who want to open a watch shop, using a quality marketing strategy can function as a determining factor for business success.

The first rule before you advertise a service company is to define your target audience according to the services provided. After this definition, the next step is to start with the investment that is most appropriate for this purpose.

An entrepreneur can use the most diverse communication actions to make his services known. He will be able to use printed material such as business cards and digital media by creating a website that will contain information about his business and portfolio and, of course, profiles on social networks.

As a business guide, entrepreneurs must always pay attention to the innovation of this sector and to frequently conduct market surveys, competition, and target audiences. In addition, it is important to think of loyalty, promotion and specialization measures so that he always gives the best in service quality.