Chesterfield Beds

Chesterfield Beds

You’ve likely heard of a style called Chesterfield beds, but did you know the reason why this timeless design is considered so appealing? 

Although the Chesterfield design has been in the market for a long time, not everybody knows its origins or even what defines an item of furniture as ‘Chesterfield furniture.’ Continue reading to learn a little more about the famous design and how you can use it in both contemporary and traditional homes.

What are Chesterfield Beds?

Usually, people immediately think of a Chesterfield sofa whenever they hear of this type of furniture. The Chesterfield style, which is inherently British, has been present for three hundred years. It was widely found in rural estates and gentlemen’s clubs until a more recent renaissance that saw several individuals pick the Chesterfield aesthetic for their bedrooms. 

Because of its huge size and curled arms, which are the same elevation as that of the backrest, a Chesterfield bed is easily distinguishable. Deep button stitching and nailhead trimming are common features, and they might be made of cloth or leather.

Chesterfield: An Everlasting Style

Some individuals have been using the word ‘Chesterfield’ to designate any product that includes a number of these essential qualities and characteristics. These traits and influences can be seen in abundance in the current design, demonstrating that true style rarely fades out of vogue. 

Scroll beds, featuring their lovely curves and smooth lines, and bedroom furniture with rich embroidery and button details, are typically associated with a traditional Chesterfield. This design is one of our favorites since it adds a sense of beauty to your room without blowing the budget!

Why is the Design Called the Chesterfield Bed?

Lord Philip Stanhope, Fourth Earl of Chesterfield, is said to have been the first to order an item of furniture in this design during the 1700s. The artwork was displayed after his demise and soon gained popularity among his peers. 

Lord Stanhope asked for a piece of fashionable furniture that was sturdy and would allow him to sit erect sans creasing his clothes. We must admit, we believe the style is spot on. The allure of a Chesterfield nowadays, though, is mostly about elegance and pleasure than preserving your best clothes wrinkle-free.

How to Choose Your Chesterfield Bed?

You must keep the following points in mind while choosing the best Chesterfield bed for your bedroom. 

Bed Bases

Whenever it comes to buying Chesterfield beds, you can pick between two distinct sorts of bed bases: 

  • Platform base 
  • Slatted foundation with springs. 

Platform bases provide a strong foundation for your bed, are attractive, and have a basic architecture. Still, the curvature of sprung-slatted bases enables them to flex when you rest or get out of bed, making the bed extra comfy.


Chesterfield beds come in a variety of shapes and colors and multiple materials to match the decor of the bedroom, which can range from classic to modern designs.   Wood is the most frequent material. However, these could also be upholstered or constructed of metal. 

Many Chesterfield mattresses include constructed storage, ideal for compact storage beds in spaces with limited room.


Headboards provide spinal support and assist in keeping cushions in position when sleeping. They also offer fantastic chances to be artistic and bring some beauty to the space. 


A footboard is a classic finishing that may provide your bedroom a more traditional look. Not only does the mattress seem clean and simple, but your footboard also prevents the bedding from sliding. Footboards are also a great place to be creative with your decor.

Bed Frames

Examine the mattress’s dimensions. It must be the appropriate size for your frame.  When buying a bed frame with a slatted foundation, make sure that boards remain not over 7 cm away. Greater than this might cause unnecessary tearing of your bedding, causing you to change it earlier.

Summing Up

A Chesterfield bed can go with any style, even if you have colored paneled walls or bare-brick walls. The traditional design will charm whether you go for a more classic or a more contemporary design. It’s a traditional fabric that will keep your bedroom looking stylish and lovely for years to come!