10 Best Sites to Learn English Grammar for Movie Script Writing

10 Best Sites for Learning English Grammar and Writing
10 Best Sites for Learning English Grammar and Writing

Are you still doubting whether you need to take the first step to learn English? Or, perhaps don’t you know what resources can give you quality materials for self-study? We have prepared for you 10 sites with which you will tighten your knowledge in all aspects! If you are ready, then let’s get started!. Below in this article, we will cover the 10 Best Sites to learn English Grammar for writing movie scripts.

Learn English from Daily Grammar

Want to improve your language but don’t know where to find good materials? Here you will find everything you need! The key advantage is that all the lessons are open to access free of charge. You will find more than 400 lessons and 80 tests to verify the material passed. If you spend time every day on lessons, you will soon learn grammar.

BBC Learning English

If you are looking for a mass of training materials with different presentations, then this site is the best place. Firstly, you can select your level of knowledge. By the way, this site is the best start for beginners. The advantage is a good amount of materials given specifically for advanced in English. Today, on the net, you can find a lot of information for beginners while finding decent training materials for advanced is much more difficult!

Learn English from The Purdue Online Writing Lab

If you want to find a free resource that will help improve your English in all aspects, do not pass this site. You will find more than 200 lessons in writing, grammar, word count tool, and style. Moreover, you will find useful information on how to avoid plagiarism and how to design work in MLA and APA styles.

5 Minute English

If you have little time but have a desire to learn English and write movie news, then start with this site. You will learn simple language basics through five-minute lessons. It is worth noting that the submission of lessons is very funny but at the same time covers complex topics. This a great option for those who do not ready to spend much time on education. Five minutes are not much at all, so this format is suitable for the busiest people.

Writing Forward

This blog was created by a writer. Here, you can find many useful things for education. Is this suitable for beginners? Of course! In the grammar section, you will learn a lot of rules. If you are no longer a beginner, then there are plenty of tips for creative writing and publications.

Lousy Writer

If you have problems with writing in English, then using this resource, you can effectively correct it. You will begin to write clear sentences ​​without intricate and complex phrases. You will be provided with cheat sheets on complex topics that will be very necessary for learning and to improve your language.


When learning English, like any other language as well, it is important to listen to the speech of native speakers. This resource provides lessons on a paid subscription, but you can also get some goodies for free. If you like the free part and have already achieved some results, then you can think about the paid version.

English Grammar 101

If you prefer a traditional approach in everything, including college study, then this site will appeal to you. Do you like the learning format as in the good old books? You will definitely like it here! The site offers you a format similar to an online textbook with the most necessary sections for training. After each point, you can take a test to check how you mastered the material. This resource is suitable for studying, as well as to fill in knowledge gaps and even learn something new.

Learn English using Grammarly

If you doubt that you have written something in a proper way, then do not ignore this site. And if you are looking for a place where you can get help with an essay, you can contact this popular essay writing service Customwritings.com.

You can check out any of your text in English. And if there any mistakes, you will get alerts about them and suggestions on how to change your writing. On the site, you can find rules written in simple words. It is worth noting that if you create an account, a monthly report will be sent to your mail, which will reflect your performance and provide links to the rules based on your mistakes. In that way, you can improve your writing.

Grammar Ninja

If you like the educational process to be with hints of fun, then you will find this format on this site. If you like playing games, why not combine education with pleasure? After each game, you are allowed to review the grammar to consolidate everything that you learned in the game. This format is suitable for both children and adults. 

So, do not waste time and choose a site to your liking to learn English. All you need is just a couple of hours of free time and in some cases only five minutes!

Learn English using Words.today

English is the most spoken language in the world, by just knowing English one can open self to unlimited opportunities of a new world. Being reasonably good in English ensures Job security in most parts of the world. Today 1.5 billion humans speak English and 135 million of them as a first language. Words.today’s objective is to enable those 6 billion people to learn English language in a simple and inexpensive way. Words.today also helps the 1.5 billion English language speakers improve their vocabulary and overall language skills.