What Instagram couldn’t do, these apps and websites do for you!

What Instagram couldn't do these apps and websites do for you

What Instagram couldn’t do these apps and websites do for you: We are living in a tech age where social media is the biggest platform to interact, share, talk, promote, and gain knowledge. In such a case, Instagram is the king of all social media applications. Billions of photos, videos, whether it is related to fitness or food or fashion, are posted on Instagram on a daily basis. This has made it the most admired and used app in the world. Below in this article, we will cover What Instagram couldn’t do these android apps and websites do for you

We find various relatable posts which we wish to save or keep for future references, and although there is an option to save them within the app, it gets very difficult to find them when we need it. Or the other major problem is when we try to post our favorite photos here, it gets cropped and disrupts the beauty of the photo. But you do not have to worry about these anymore because to solve these petty yet major problems we have amazing solutions for you in this article.

What is InstraFitter: No Crop for Instagram, Square Photo?

As we mentioned the problem of your favorite photos getting cropped while posting on Instagram and affecting the beauty of the photo. The most incredible application is here to solve this problem of yours.

InstraFitter is a brilliant application which is specifically designed to fit your amazing photos into the Instagram grid without getting cropped at all. This the best app to use when you want to upload your gorgeous pictures on Instagram and make sure that none of it gets cropped. InstraFitter for No Crop for Instagram, Square Photo has been developed by Falza Lucido.

What Instagram couldn't do, these apps and websites do for you!
What Instagram couldn’t do, these apps and websites do for you!

Advantages of InstraFitter: No Crop for Instagram Square Photo

  • It helps in bringing a normal rectangular picture and converting it into a square size which fits the frame correctly
  • It helps you in editing your amazing pictures with merely a few taps and is extremely easy to use
  • Thereee is an option to directly post or upload your photo on Instagram from the application.
  • It is free of cost and can be easily downloaded on android or ios phone, or you can even install it on your pc.
  • Instadownload.site: What is Instagram Video Downloader?

Imagine a situation, where you are randomly surfing through your phone and exploring your Instagram and having great internet access, and there you find a very entertaining or enlightening video which you really want to watch, but suddenly some work comes up. By the time you are free, you either lose the video or do not have internet access to watch it. Doesn’t this situation seem familiar?

It happens with us all the time, and hence to solve this problem, we have an amazing solution for Instagram Videos. This amazing website allows you to download your favorite Instagram videos and save them in your gallery so that you can watch them whenever you want, even if you are offline. It also allows you to share these fun and informative videos with anyone you want via any social media application.

How to use Instagram Video Downloader?

Steps 1. Firstly you need to go the website instagram.com, select the video which you wish to download.

Steps 2. Then you need to copy the URL link of the video you chose.

Steps 3. Now you have to open the website Instagram Video Downloader you simply have to paste that copied link on Instagram of the video in the tab space given

Steps 4. Once you have pasted the link, you just need to click the download button


Both these applications and website can turn out to be very useful for you. Using Instagram Video Downloader Your video will be downloaded within a few seconds, and it will be saved in your gallery, from where you can easily watch it even when you do not have internet access.

You can also share with your family and friends via any social media site; even if they do not have Instagram, they can enjoy the fun and informative videos. And talking about InstraFitter, one can easily post their favorite posts on Instagram without them getting cropped, and even the quality of the picture is preserved as it gets saved in high definition(HD) quality.