Prepaway – Best Ways to Prepare for MicrosoftMCSA Web Applications Certification and 70-483 Exam

Prepaway - Best Ways to Prepare for MicrosoftMCSA Web Applications Certification and 70-483 Exam

you get an associated certification as well as being a prerequisite to a higher level certification. One such exam is the Microsoft exam 70-483. It is one of the two exams (70-480 or 70-483) you need to pass in order to obtain the MCSA Web Applications credential when done alongside exam 70-486. The MCSA Web Applications certification at the same time also serves as a prerequisite to getting the expert level MCSD App Builder certification.

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Earning the MCSA Web Applications certification will help you get a position as a systems administrator, IT manager, senior systems administrator, network administrator, IT director or senior systems engineer. The average salary for these professionals is about $73k.

Further, proceeding to get the MCSD App Builder certification means that you can apply for a job as an application developer and earn an average salary of about $100k yearly.

Why get certified

Below are some advantages of being a certified professional.

  • Certifications unlock professional growth opportunities for you. You will be most likely to be promoted in your organization.
  • With certifications, your value increases and if you apply for job your chances of getting hired increases by as much as 5 times
  • You gain an edge over your peers who are not certified
  • Certifications present an opportunity for a better paycheck to you.

Exam 70-483 overview

Microsoft 70-483 exam is designed for professionals who have one or more years of experience in programming using C#. Below are some of the topics you should expect to find in this exam. In each topic, you will be measured on your ability to accomplish the technical tasks associated with it.

Exam 70-483 topics

  • Management of program flow

Covers implementing and managing multithreading and asynchronous processing, creating and implementing events and callbacks as well as implementing exception handling.

  • Creation and use of types

Create types, enforcing encapsulation, creating and implementing a class hierarchy, managing the object life cycle and manipulating strings

  • Debug applications and implement security

Validation of application input, performing symmetric and asymmetric encryption, managing assemblies, debugging an application

  • Implementation of data access

Performing I/O operations, consuming data, serializing and deserializing data, storing data in and retrieving data from collections

Question formats

As any Microsoft certification exam, the 70-483 test contains different question formats. It is also important to understand which format an answer is required.

  • Drag and drop questions such as those that require you to recommend a tool that performs a certain task.
  • A build list which provides an action and answer area.
  • Hot area question types that are answered in a graphical form.
  • Short answer questions that provide keywords and ask you to use them to write a few lines of code.
  • Active screen questions in which you are required to use provided controls to answer some questions in a dialogue box.
  • A case study which presents a business case and has multiple questions associated with it in an overview screen.

Preparation options

In order to pass an exam, you have to prepare well. One of the best methods for preparation is the use of exam dumps. However, you will have to obtain them from the right source and be sure that they are valid. Note that acquiring outdated and poorly organized dumps will do you more harm than good. To obtain the most updated and trusted dumps you should check the Prep away website. Thereee you will find the dumps checked by IT experts. The files available here contain questions from previous exams and that is the reason, why they are so popular among candidates. So, exam dumps will help you be well prepared even when you have time constraints. In addition, Prepaway website offers a large collection of quality videos created by qualified and experienced instructors. As for the other preparation methods, they are outlined below:

  • Instructor-led training

You will learn the training course 20483B Programming in C# that teaches developers the programming skills required to create Windows applications using the Visual C# language. The course lasts for five days in a classroom environment.

  • Exam prep video

You can find the Microsoft certification prep talk for exam 70-483 which contains tips from certification experts and certification planners as they discuss the relevancy of the skills being measured in this exam.

  • Self-paced training

You can obtain this training course from the Microsoft Virtual Academy. It covers C# and has engaging sessions that include many demos rich.

  • Practice test

Taking a Microsoft official practice test for exam 70-483 will help you familiarize with the exam content and check your knowledge.

  • Books

You can obtain books from the Microsoft Press Store. Some of the books to use in preparation for exam 70-483 are:

  • Exam Ref 70-483 for programming in C#, published on 15th July 2013.
  • Exam Ref 70-483 for programming in C# published on 27th April 2018. This new second edition reflects all updated exam topics released by Microsoft through mid-2017.


The importance of passing exam 70-483 cannot be taken lightly. This because despite being a requirement for the MCSA, it is also a prerequisite to getting MCSD App Builder credential. You should start using the tips shared above right away and be best prepared for this important exam. With the most valid prep materials from Prepaway website, you’ll pass your certification exam at the first attempt. Wish you success!