Film Review: Night of the Living Dead 3D

Night of the Living Dead 3D
Night of the Living Dead 3D

Night of the Living Dead 3D: We have yet another remake of the zombie classic Night of the Living Dead, this time with the new addition of being in 3-D. In this version, we have Barbara, who likes to be called “Barb” being attacked by zombies when a white BEN saves her by giving one of the zombies a close line. Ben takes Barb back to the Coopers plant farm. Once there we meet the rest of the victims, as zombies begin to attack the home.

If I hadn’t won free tickets to see this film, I probably would never have given it a chance. Aside of it being in 3-D it doesn’t really have anything else going for it. Upon first glance it would seem to be a direct to video, armature film student remake of the classic Romero film and that is exactly what the film comes off as. The only thing that made this film slightly enjoyable would be that it was fun to make fun of it. I couldn’t tell if the film took itself seriously or not because there were a lot of times when the film was just so bad, that the filmmakers had to of known the cheese factor was through the roof. The thing that rules against this is that there isn’t enough comedy in it for it to be considered a cheesy “B” movie.

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 The horror fans will notice Sid Haig is the one throwing his shovel around hitting the zombies in the face. He delivers an over the top performance, but then again when does he not? If it weren’t for his goofy delivery in his lines the film would be rated even lower. The rest of the cast can be completely forgotten because none of them seem to care for what they are doing. Everyone is one-dimensional and half seem to have never been to acting school. There was no conflict between any of the characters that lasted more then one minute. Once there was some conflict it was solved mere seconds later. “I’m going outside!!!”, “No you’re not!!!”, “Okay”. Even the zombies didn’t act like real zombies, I swear some of them were walking slowly like in the classics and others were as fast as hell, much like those in the remake of Dawn.

  The gore in here is lacking as well. Only two scenes showcase any real gore, first is when a zombie is dragging itself to go after the little kid, he has no legs. The second is when Haig thrusts his shovel into a zombies face, it goes through his mouth and he sticks to the wall. The zombie effects were satisfactory for the most part.

 I cringe every time I think about the dialogue, which throws in awkward pop culture references that shouldn’t really be there…Scarface for example.  Whenever I laughed in the film it wasn’t with it, it was at it and most the time it was because of these horrible dialogue. More then 75 percent of the dialogue was unintentional humor.

The 3-D was painful, plain and simple. For some reason we�re still stuck in the old days of red and blue 3-D glasses for this film. It took so much away from the experience. The red was very distracting and was all over in this film. I had to take the glasses off on five separate occasions because my eyes just couldn�t handle it. They could have used the 3-D to their advantage, but dropped the ball here. Only a handful of things really �come at you�, which include a bullet, shovel, glass and zombie hands. Nothing to really make the film more enjoyable, although I did get a kick out of the things that actually did come at me from the screen.

For some strange reason the makers of the film felt like they had to put in the original film, for what purpose I still have no idea. We know this is a remake of that film, is it ironic, or comedic in a way?  No, it�s just pointless and incoherent. They watch the zombie flick and know that these things attacking them are zombies, yet when one gets bitten no one seems to care or even know that he will turn into one. Did they just happen to forget that big plot device from the film that they were just watching?

Don�t even get me started on the continuity because this can rival the Evil Dead films.

Bottom line is that the 3-D isn�t worth your time or money. You�ll leave the theatre with a headache, from the glasses and the trash that�s on the screen. I would even recommend this for hardcore horror fans, is just an insult. It doesn�t look to good for zombie fans after this film hits theatres, or even when the remake of DAY does.


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