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Amavas is the Indian Bollywood Horror Thriller movie directed by Bhushan Patel under Viiking Media Entertainment. Also, this film stars Sachiin Joshi, Nargis Fakri and Mona Singh. This movie was released on 8 February 2019. Also, if you want to know more about the movie and it’s availability, check below for Amavas Full Movie Download. 

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Amavas Movie Story

Amavas movie is all about ghosts and his revenge. Whereas, the story starts when Karan gets possessed by the spirit of his friend’s Sameer who was murdered by Maya. In fact, all this happens when Karan plans to go out on a trip with Maya. Whereas, Maya who is unknown about all this, gets murdered by Sameer. 

Not only this, but Ahana’s life’s in danger too. Whereas. the twist in this movie occurs, when we see Sameer’s injury in Ahana. In fact, the entire story of the movie takes the turn at the same time. In short, Amavas is a horror movie about a ghost looking for revenge. 

Amavas Movie Review

The entire movie revolves around a ghost looking for revenge. Also, the funny part is that the ghost keeps on switching bodies. Whereas everyone is killed but Ahana. This brings us to the conclusion that Amawas is not a proper scripted movie. Thereee is a lot of confusion in the story, which might confuse you about what the director has to show.

On the other hand, all the actors in this movie have done a great job. Specially Nargis. All the special FX in this movie give you the feel in 1920. Being a horror movie, this has a great background score, which makes a normal screen sound thrilling.

Amavas Full Movie Download in HD, FHD, and Bluray

Amavas is a recently launched movie hence, the movie is not released on any legal streaming website. But it is said that Amavas will be available on online streaming sites and TV in a couple of months. 

We have checked and confirmed that Amavas is not available in any legal streaming websites given below.

  • YouTube
  • Amazon Prime Videos
  • Jio Cinema
  • Netflix
  • MXplayer
  • Google PLay

Indian Copyright Law Against Illegal way for Amavas Full movie Download

Viiking Media Entertainment presented the movie Amavas and no one can allow downloading the Amavas Full Movie Download without permission. In fact, Viiking Media Entertainment never authorized any illegal websites (CHECK BELOW ) for Amavas Full movie download. Hence, it is illegal to download from these websites.

As per the Indian copyright law, you will be punished with 10 lakh fine and 3 years of jail if you are caught supporting piracy

Hence, We would request not to support piracy and if you find any of the below websites please stop downloading Amavas and other movies from there.


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