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TodayPK Movies

Nowadays, some piracy websites have spread their wings in multiple ways so they can have enough varieties in piracy for their audience. TodayPK Movies is one of the top contenders in this list. Their network is kinda widespread & in this article let’s talk about TodayPK Movies & piracy in detail.

The website and the content of TodayPK Movies are illegal

None of the contents that TodayPK has uploaded on their website isn’t legal in any way. TodayPK Movies do not own any rights to the content they provide which is a violation of the Copyright law of India. That makes their platform (website) & the content in it, completely illegal.

As you can probably guess, they were banned by the government multiple times but, they keep returning with the help of new domains (URLs).

Types of the content that can be found in TodayPK Movies

TodayPK Movies have two major sites but, it cannot be confirmed if both of them are run by the same organization or not. However, we’re going to refer to the major content types available on these websites. Check the list below,

These contents can either be watched or downloaded using Torrent or Torrent Magnet links. They keep both 720P & 1080P resolutions if available. But, as you’ll guess, this has a huge impact on the movie industry. The next point describes this better.

The other side of piracy on TodayPK Movies

Behind our naked eyes, there is another side of this whole piracy thing. The industries who produce these content are getting hugely impacted facing massive losses in business. Let me explain how this works,

When a movie gets leaked online & made available through piracy, the ticket sales or the aftersales get hugely affected. They end up making way less money which also affects their employees & their families.

For Streaming services, this kinda the same story. Only instead of tickets, they lose subscriptions when their exclusive web series or movies get leaked online.

What can a Pirated movie download cost you?

Well, pirated movie downloading is free right? Well, not exactly. You may not know but, downloading pirated movies are illegal too. So, if you get caught for downloading pirated movies, you’ll lose more than what you have saved by downloading pirated movies & not going to the theater.

  • You can receive a huge fine of several thousand (starts at 50000 in India) rupees or even several lakhs (goes up to 2 lakhs in India).
  • You can even go to jail for a few months (minimum of 6 months in India) or several years (maximum of 3 years in India).

So, can you see it now? Piracy websites & content isn’t even good for yourself. So, stop downloading pirated content immediately.

We have to stop piracy & we have to do it together

As you can see, piracy isn’t good for anyone. So, why is it still here? Well, that’s because people keep downloading pirated content & it creates a demand for piracy websites. So, if we can stop downloading pirated content, it’ll kill the demand. We can’t do it alone of course but, it’s possible if we do it together. So, after you put an end to your habit, you can also try to make the people around you aware of this fact.