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[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

Stopping piracy is not an easy task & though, sometimes it is possible to put a stop to a harmful piracy website. However, with the help of different URLs, they keep coming back. But, sometimes a completely different group of people use their name to spread piracy. That’s probably what happened with ExtraTorrent. The original website was actually shut down long back. But, several clones which probably had no connection with the original website kept operating as a huge collection of pirated content. As ExtraTorrent was one of the top Torrent websites in the world, this process never stopped.

ExtraTorrent & its clones are illegal

The original website of ExtraTorrent stopped functioning back in 2017. However, as mentioned earlier, the clones keep coming back. However, torrent websites dealing with piracy content were banned in multiple countries including India. So, all of those clone websites are actually illegal here. Do remember that, all of these websites violate the Copyright law of India. Many clones get banned eventually but, they keep coming back with new URLs. So, that makes it a little harder to control them. Recently, we have been seen a lot of English movies in Extratorrent.

ExtraTorrent has a massive content base of Torrents

As mentioned earlier, ExtraTorrent was one of the massive collection of torrents. This includes digital content & products from multiple industries including Movie, Music, IT, Gaming & more. The options included both, magnet links & torrent files. Here is a list of the major content & product types that are available on the ExtraTorrent clone platforms.

  • Pirated versions of paid Softwares
  • Animes
  • Pirated versions of paid Games
  • Indian Web Series
  • Netflix Web Series & Movies
  • Hollywood, Bollywood, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, KannadaMalayalam movies (Original & Dubbed)
  • English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu & Kannada MP3 songs

Piracy on ExtraTorrent results in a massive loss for industries

The piracy on ExtraTorrent clones causes a massive loss in profit for multiple industries. As I told you earlier, this includes industries like IT, Gaming, Movie, Music & more. The impact is pretty massive on all of them. For movies, if a new movie leaks within a few days of its release, it loses a massive number of ticket sales.

Similarly, a software company may lose millions of dollars if a premium software product of theirs, leak online through piracy. We can say the same for paid games as well.

Loss in business directly affects the employees of these organizations. So, literally, Piracy is making millions of lives miserable every day regardless of how large or small an industry might be.

Downloading pirated content is completely illegal

If you download movies, music, games & stuff like that from illegal websites, you must put an end to it. Downloading pirated content from these websites isn’t just illegal but, a punishable offense. if you get caught somehow, you might be facing the consequences mentioned below.

  • You may need to go to Jail for several months or even for several years.
  • You may need to pay a lot of money as a Fine amount.

In case you didn’t have any idea about this before then, you do now. So, put an end to downloading pirated content from ExtraTorrent or any other piracy website.

Step forward to stop Piracy

We all need to step forward & stand against piracy together. If we can stop ourselves from downloading pirated content & at the same time educate the people around us about the bad impacts, we will destroy the purpose of piracy someday. So, if we can commit to a no piracy future, eventually, we will wipe out piracy forever.


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