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[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

Most of you are aware of the original Torrentz search engine that used to offer a lot of premium content for free using Torrent technology. This list included free movies, software, games & more. Most of their content was pirated. This resulted in a banning order from the EU. Later the site was shut down permanently. That’s when Torrentz2 came into the picture. It was an identical clone to the Torrentz offering the same functionality. Even after Torrentz was banned, Torrentz2 is still functional by creating new URLs after the old one is getting banned.

Torrentz2 is completely illegal around the world

Any website that is using Torrent technology for piracy has been declared illegal in multiple countries around the world. This list also includes India. Torrentz2 is one of the multiple torrent websites that was blocked by the Indian government as they were violating the Copyright law of India. Soon after Torrentz was blocked & Torrentz2 took its place, it’s domain was banned too. But, as I mentioned earlier, it kept coming back with newer URLs once the old one was blocked.

Torrentz2 has one of the biggest content bases in the world of Torrent websites

The original Torrentz was the biggest nest of pirated content but, after it was blocked, Torrentz2 took its place. No, it wasn’t as big as the original Torrentz but, it still was a lot. Also, the variation of content is quite widespread too. Check out the major categories below.

Torrentz2 impacts millions of businesses daily

Being one of the biggest Torrent websites in the world, Torrentz2 impacts on millions of business entities from multiple industries. Industries like Entertainment, IT, Gaming & many others suffer from massive business losses.

In entertainment, when a new movie leaks within a few days of its release, it loses a whole lot of ticket sales. Similarly, in music, when a new album leaks online, it also loses a massive number of sales & subscription or ad-based streaming sessions.

In IT & Gaming, many useful software products & popular games are made available online for free through Torrentz2. This causes massive sale/profit loses for the makers. Other industries get impacted in the same way as well.

Don’t download pirated content. It’s illegal!

Downloading pirated content is illegal too. If you willingly or unwillingly download pirated content & you get caught, you can be facing major punishment regarding the same. Here’s what you can face,

  • You may need to pay a massive amount of money as a Fine
  • You may go to Jail for anywhere from months to several years

So, as you can see, it isn’t the pirated content providers who can get into trouble. You can get into it as well. So, in case you weren’t aware of this fact, you should stop downloading pirated content right now.

We need to stop Piracy together

Big changes in the world happen when we keep adding small steps towards it. It’s not possible to stop piracy if we don’t learn to reject the temptation of piracy. Once we stop downloading pirated content, there will be fewer reasons for it to exist. Slowly it’ll lose it’s purpose & shut down. So, if you take a step back from piracy & educate the people around you about the impact, piracy will be gone someday & we’ll be looking at a cleaner Internet.


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