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[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

Piracy is one of the biggest issues for multiple media industries around the world. Thereee are a lot of illegal websites offering a variety of content available on their platforms. But, the reach of piracy isn’t limited to illegal websites only. In fact, pirated content regularly makes its way to big streaming platforms including YouTube. However, YouTube has a great takedown policy for pirated videos. But, not every big streaming platform that supports user uploads, have a takedown system like YouTube. That’s where pirated content lives for a long time.

In this article, let me tell you about one of these big players in the game who have a huge base of pirated content, available for streaming on their platform. You may have heard of it before, it’s called Dailymotion.

Illegal/Pirated Content on Dailymotion

Not all content on Dailymotion is pirated. Thereee is a lot of original content from verified official channels that are available on Dailymotion. So, how to spot pirated content among these? Well, whenever you see full movies (new & old), web series episodes, full anime episodes & stuff like that, it’s pirated. Also, if a video has been published on a verified official channel, it’s likely an original content.

Though Dailymotion isn’t illegal as a site but, the pirated content that various users keep uploading there does violate the Copyright law of India. So, that content is definitely illegal. Now, Dailymotion does take down these videos once they identify pirated content but, the process isn’t as advanced as YouTube. So, pirated content stays for a long time & sometimes even unidentified. But, even after taking down the content, it’s often re-uploaded & that may also stay for a decent amount of time.

Thereee is a massive number of Pirated videos on Dailymotion

Because of the major security flaw in Dailymotion’s platform, the amount of pirated videos is massive. We have listed some of the major categories below to give you an idea.

Piracy on Dailymotion is a major threat to the Film Industry

Pirated latest Movies often appear on Dailymotion within a few days of its release. So, many people watch the movie here instead of watching it in theaters with paid tickets. This impacts the film industry on a large scale. The ticket sales drop significantly & the movie makers end up making a lot less profit. If you want an idea, the Indian film industry lost about 18000 crores last year, because of piracy. It also affects the income of paid streaming services like Netflix.

Downloading Pirated content is a crime

If you’re not aware of the impacts of piracy on yourself, let me tell you. If you download any kind of pirated content, you’re committing a punishable crime. Thankfully, Dailymotion doesn’t let you download any of its content but, people still manage to download these videos using third-party software. So, if you get caught downloading pirated content from any website, you can,

  • Go to Jail
  • Receive a Fine of a huge amount of money

Please step up to stop Piracy

If you download pirated content from any website, you have to stop. Piracy is affecting millions of people working in multiple industries around the world, every day. By standing against piracy, we can help to create a better world for them & for ourselves. You can also educate the people around you about the bad impacts of piracy. With every small step taken, we can wipe out piracy once & for all someday.


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