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Jiorockers is kinda like a rip-off of the popular piracy website Tamilrockers. However, there is a significant difference in the distribution of the content but, they literally serve the same purpose. Let’s dig deeper into the matter.

Just like Tamilrockers, Jiorockers is illegal too

We have already told you about why a website like Tamilrockers is considered to be illegal. So, it’s obvious that a website who is literally doing the same thing is also illegal. Jiorockers also don’t own any copyright of the content that they upload on their website. So, that means, they’re violating the Copyright law of India as well.

Available content on Jiorockers

Jiorockers does have a lot of pirated content under their sleeves. Thereee are several types of Indian movies & even English movies available on their platform. Let’s have a look at the major categories here,

Jiorockers Tamil Content Base

The Tamil content base of Jiorockers is quite vast. They have a lot of pirated Tamil movies on board. Thereee are even Tamil versions of Hollywood movies available on their site.

Jiorockers Telugu Content Base

The Telugu content base is slightly more preferred on the website & the rest is pretty much the same story as the Tamil contest base.

It’ll be a lot if I try to cover every single content base in detail but, you can get an idea from the examples above.

The impact on the Indian film industry

As far as the impact of Jiorockers goes, people generally come to their website for Indian movies. So, the major impact falls on the Indian film industry. If you weren’t aware, because these websites allow people to download pirated movies within a couple of days of their release, the ticket sales for those movies decrease significantly. This creates a downfall in profit for the production houses & also impacts a huge number of their employees.

It’s not that the Hollywood movie industry doesn’t get impacted. They face very similar consequences. However, Jiorockers’ major impact goes on the Indian film industry.

You might be in trouble too

It’s not just the piracy websites that are breaking the law. If you download pirated content (movies in this case), you are breaking it too. That’s not where it ends though. If you get caught, you can be facing one of these punishments,

  • Imprisonment up to 3 years (a minimum of 6 months)
  • A cash penalty up to  2 lakh rupees (a minimum of 50000 rupees)

What to do then?

Well, first of all, stop downloading pirated content so, any kind of chance for a punishment gets eliminated. Then, when you see someone you know, doing the same, tell them about the consequences & make them stop too. This way we can be sure that no one gets in trouble for a violation of the law that they probably don’t know, they are doing.

Also, this helps the production houses as now they get more potential viewers in the theaters. And it helps millions of people who are working in that industry.


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