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Torrent Magnet

[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

Sooner or later we all have heard about “Torrent“. This the most popular name in the entire world when it comes to downloading pirated content. After the regular Torrent system started to fade, a new torrent system called “Magnet Link” appeared. For several years, this has been of the most used methods for using torrent technology but, this is not something you should fall for. In this article, I’ll talk about one of the biggest websites in this game which has caused a lot of harm in several industries. This website is known as Torrent Magnet & it is one of the worst nightmares for businesses.

Torrent Magnet is illegal & it’s banned in multiple countries

Most of the torrent users, don’t have any idea that all the Torrent sites were completely banned in multiple countries across the world including in India. Being a site that uses an illegal torrent approach, makes Torrent Magnet one of those sites.

In India, the government has declared that all the Torrent websites are illegal here. You must know that these websites directly violate the Copyright law of India. The government banned access to the original website & it’s several variations. But, as it keeps coming back with new website URLs (domain names), it’s hard to control.

Torrent Magnet has a massive content base

Websites that contain torrents, in general, have a massive content base and, Torrent Magnet is no exception. Torrent Magnet offers multiple types of content on its platform. It’s not even possible to talk about all of them here but, we have listed some of the major categories, below.

Torrent Magnet causes a massive loss to business entities

Torrent Magnet isn’t a general piracy website that impacts one industry in general. The variation in download types that are available in Torrent Magnet is massive. As you can see in the list, above its not just movies that Torrent Magnet offers. Thereee is a whole lot of other options there.

The damage is done to business entities in multiple industries including Entertainment, IT & more. For the entertainment industry, when a movie leaks within a few days of release, it faces a major drop in ticket sales. This results in fewer profit margins which means that there is a massive loss of money. It similarly affects the music industry where there will be lower album sales or there will be less legal streaming (subscription or ad based).

For IT & Gaming industry, this the worst too. The pirated copies of software and games allow the users to use them without paying the purchase fee. This results in lower profit margins so, the company loses a lot of money. This directly affects their overall growth.

If you are wondering how much damage piracy can cost, let me give you an example. Last year the movie industry lost an estimated amount of 18000 crores & that’s just in India. Add the other industries too & you can imagine how massive this number can get.

Downloading pirated content is a punishable offense

If you download pirated content from Torrent Magnet or any other website, you need to put an end to your actions right now. It’s just not that piracy is illegal but, if you download pirated content, that’s illegal too. In fact, downloading pirated content is a punishable offense. This what you may face if you get caught.

Receive a huge fine: As a penalty of downloading pirated content, you may need to pay a lot of money. For example, if you download pirated movies, the fine can be anywhere from 50000 Rupees to 200000 Rupees (INR).

Go to Jail: You may even go to jail for downloading pirated stuff for a long time. Again, in the case of movies, you may go to jail for anywhere from 6 months up to 3 years.

Take a step forward & stand against Piracy

Until people keep downloading pirated content, there will be a reason for piracy websites to exist. So, all of us need to take a step forward & stand against piracy. If you can stop downloading from piracy websites & make the people around you, aware of this fact, slowly we can wipe out these piracy websites from existence. So please, stand against it & help to wipe it out from the face of the Internet.