CoolMoviez – Bollywood, Hollywood, South Indian (Hindi Dubbed), Anime Movies 2019 HD Download


[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

Many of the piracy websites like to keep a clean & simple user interface which kinda looks innocent but, their actual content base is kinda huge. CoolMoviez kinda falls into that category. Let’s learn more about it in the upcoming sections.

Legal content on CoolMoviez? Oh, please!

CoolMoviez has no rights of the content that they upload on their platform. Hence, it’s a direct violation of the Copyright law of India. That makes their website & the content in it, completely illegal.

They probably have one or two clones but, in this case, the main website is way more full of content. So, the clones aren’t playing a major part yet but, their impact isn’t zero either.

The types of the available content on CoolMoviez 

CoolMovies have a pretty widespread content library. As the name suggests they have different types of movies on their website. The major categories include,

This also one of the few websites that upload new anime movies on a regular basis. That means the effect reaches to Japan’s anime industry as well. Let’s talk about the overall effect in the next section.

How CoolMoviez affect the movie industry

CoolMoviez & similar websites affect the movie industry a lot. Thousands of illegal downloads mean thousands of less tickets sold. And thisn’t only the Indian movie industry. Countries like the US & even Japan face bad consequences. The impact falls on hundreds of production houses & millions of their employees, every day.

For dubbed versions, the impact is pretty bad too. Many of the Hollywood movies releases in India in its regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, etc. Now, if those versions are available through pirated websites like CoolMoviez, they eliminate a lot of potential regional customers. So, because of the low ticket sales, the movie companies may not release their next movie in those regional languages anymore. In the worst case scenario, they may not release their next movie in India at all. This affects the whole theater audience who were waiting for that movie.

Are you downloading from Pirated websites? You are a part of the illegal cycle too!

Many people don’t realize that when they download pirated movies or other pirated content, they are breaking the law too. If you belong to one of those groups of people, you must stop now, when there is time. Otherwise, there will be very bad consequences when you get caught & you’ll need to face them.

  • You might be paying a large sum of money as a penalty for breaking the law.
  • Otherwise, you may spend several months or even several years in prison.

Take the step now, say no to piracy

For the good of your own, the industries & millions of families, you need to take the right step. Say no to piracy ’cause, it’s not good for anyone. Also, if you see the people around you unaware of this fact, step up! Educate them. Once all of us stop downloading piracy content, it will back off & slowly the internet will get rid of it.