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Websites providing pirated content isn’t a new thing. Some websites do this on a large scale & some keep it comparatively limited. Onlinemoviewatchs falls in somewhere between. Their library isn’t huge but, isn’t super limited either. So, let’s break this down in detail.

Onlinemoviewatchs doesn’t own movie rights, it’s illegal

The streaming services who offer movies for watching or in-app downloading with a subscription basis, generally buy the rights for that. Sites like Onlinemoviewatchs on the other hand use piracy to offer movie downloads for free. This means they don’t own any rights for the same. That is a direct violation of the Copyright law of India. So, all of the content on Onlinemoviewatchs & their site itself is entirely illegal.

What can be found inside Onlinemoviewatchs’ content library?

As I mentioned earlier, Onlinemoviewatchs has a medium-sized content library. All of this content is actually coming from the Indian movie industry as of now. Here’s a list of the major categories,

Just because the content base is medium doesn’t mean its impact is medium too. Let’s talk about that in the next section.

Onlinemoviewatchs has a significant impact on the Indian Movie Industry as well

Piracy affects every industry from where the content or digital product is coming from. The Indian movie industry is a victim too & piracy websites like Onlinemoviewatchs hold a significant part in this.

Things like pirated movie downloading lower the numbers of ticket sales. This creates a huge crash in the total income of a movie. Also, the after release sales get affected too. The production houses & their employees face worse consequences because of this.

You should stop downloading pirated movies & here’s why!

Downloading pirated movies just doesn’t put the production houses in danger. Doing that means, you’re violating the law too. In case you get caught for downloading pirated movies, you may face these consequences,

  • 6 months – 3 years in Prison (Jail)
  • 50000 – 200000 INR as Fine

Don’t support piracy websites

Please stop supporting piracy websites. They’re illegal & not good for anyone. So, stop downloading piracy content and help the production houses, millions of employees working in that field, yourself & the people around you.


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