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Best HD Movies

[Note: We do not encourage any kind of piracy]

Thereee are a lot of websites on the Intenet that provide pirated media on a larger scale. Thereee are multiple types of piracy websites and they all cause massive damage to respective industries. The entertainment industry is a major victim of this but, here I’m going to talk about the movie industry in specific. To be more clear, let me tell you about a major piracy website for movies. It’s called Best HD Movies & it is one of the major nightmares of several movie industries around the world.

Yes! Best HD Movies is illegal

As the name suggests, Best HD Movies is a place to download pirated HD movies. Many people use their website to download the latest HD movies but, most of them probably don’t know that it is illegal.

By making movies available without proper permission, it violates the Copyright law of India & of many other countries. But, even if the government bans the website, it comes back with a new URL. Also, there are several clone sites that are serving the same purpose.

The content base of Best HD Movies

Best HD Movies does have a huge collection of content but, the variation is comparatively low as it’s just movies. Here’s a list of the movie types which can be found on the main & the clone websites.

The above list might look small but, the amount of content on each of these sections is huge. It’s literally enough to cause major damage to the movie industry. Let’s talk about this in detail in the next section.

Best HD Movies has a terrible impact on the Movie industry

Best HD Movies have a huge collection of both new and old movies from India & other countries. This means it affects the industry in the long run. For newly released movies, it creates a major hole in the box office collection. This leads to comparatively less profit margins & a massive loss of money.

For slightly older movies, it affects their after release sales and rents as digital or hard copies. This also leads to a major loss of money.

This affects thousands of production houses & millions of their employees every day. To give you an idea, let me inform you that the Indian movie industry lost an estimated amount of rupees 18000 crores last year.

If you download from Piracy websites content, please note that it is illegal

Downloading pirated content from Best HD Movies or any other piracy website is completely illegal. If you walk down that road, you may want to change your path with a more legal approach. If you get caught while downloading pirated content, you might be in big trouble.

  • You may go to Jail for a long time period. In India, this time span is anywhere from 6 months to 3 years (for downloading pirated movies).
  • In case you manage to skip Jail, you may need to pay anywhere from 50000 rupees to 200000 rupees.

Exclude piracy from your lives & live in a better world

Piracy does no good to you or to society. Leaving the evil attraction of piracy won’t just make your lives better but, it’ll also help to create a cleaner internet & in the end, a better world. So, give up on piracy & pass this knowledge to the people around you. Let’s create a cleaner & better world, together!