Just prior to sitting down to write this I checked out the early box office returns and it appears that CLOVERFIELD has gone and kicked itself some pretty major box office ass.

It is being reported that the film will gross somewhere around the $40 mill marks. Not bad at all.

Just went and check it out this afternoon myself and I’ve got to tell you, I enjoyed the crap out of it.  I’m going to talk about it at length here and some spoilers are likely so if you have not yet checked it out and you don’t want to know anything stop reading now.

Ok, so if you’re still around lets talk about CLOVERFIELD.

Yes, it is shot in the “BLAIR WITCH” POV style.  Shaky hand held cam that captures all the action and sticks you right in the middle of it all.  Yes, it is about a monster that attacks NYC and pretty much smashes it to smithereens and Yes you do get to see the monster reeking all the havoc.

Let’s start with what we all already know from the trailer.  Rob is moving out of NYC and heading to Japan where he is going to take a major promotion.  His friends and family are throwing him a surprise going away party and best buddy HUD has been asked to walk around with the camcorder all night and record peoples farewell wishes to Rob.  He does this while also catching all the drama of other ongoing situations of the assorted party goers.  We quickly figure out who the principals in this one are going to be and an earth shaking noise rattles the building and starts the film down an interesting path.

Everyone heads to the roof to see what the hell is going on and a huge explosion occurs.  Debris and flaming balls of who know what begins falling everywhere and everyone heads off the roof and into the streets where we see the head of the Statue of Liberty come rolling down the street.

As cool as all of this is it is just the beginning of the great surprises that this film has in store for you.  Those images that we have all seen since Oct. of last year only set the stage for a monster movie told in a fashion that we have never witnessed before.

Tension, horror and yes some comedy come flying at you at a frantic pace as  these 4 friends attempt to make it across town to rescue another friend trapped int he wreckage.  We all get to be witness at the death, destruction and terror as they attempt to travel in a world gone mad.

The CGI is actually quite amazing in this little ditty.  Compared to that crap that tried to feed us in I AM LEGEND this stuff here looks very realistic.  One scene in particular comes to mind as a perfect example of how CGI should be done.  In this scene our crew is trying to figure out how to get to a trapped friend who is in a skyscraper that has kind of been knocked over and is leaning on the building next to it.  You’ll know the scene when you see it and I don’t want to give to much away so just look for it and settle in to enjoy the greatness.

Although cast with a bunch of no names the acting is very strong and the director puts them through their paces as they go from celebration at the party to horror at what is unfolding to great distress as those close to them die to amazing resolve as they decide they will not be beaten by this huge beast and the creepy spider things that have come with it.

No explanation is given as to why this creature has arrived or if others may be around.  The entire thing takes place in midtown Manhattan and focuses on this one group and their trials and tribulations.

Although not a ground breaking film it is a project that deserves kudos and is definitely worth you time and money to check out.

CLOVERFIELD is at your local theater now so rush out and see it, you won’t be sorry.

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