Ayogya Movie Review- Revenge Drama OF A Corrupt Cop

Ayogya Movie Review

Ayogya a Tamil Thriller Action Drama is about a corrupt cop Karnan(Vishal) a superstar of Tamil cinema in the role of a cop. The film is a remake of a Telugu movie. The life of a corrupt cop changes when he comes across a gang rape case. The love interest of Karnan is played by Rashi Khanna. Below in this article, you will find Ayogya- Revenge Drama Of A Corrupt Cop  Movie Review in detail.

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Ayogya Movie review

Story & Narration – A corrupt cop changes when comes across a rape case

The movie stars Vishal as Karnan who is a very corrupt cop. The initial minutes of the movie show Vishal as the corrupt cop who does not care about the system. But as he handles a case of gang rape the whole world turns upside down as the story revolves around how a corrupt officer changes him as a person

What makes the Story unique is the narration. Ayogya is narrated so well, that you can connect to every character and every corner points of the story. With the help of better narration, you can actually connect with the story.

Acting And Performances – Good Acting by Vishal in the role of a cop 

Vishal as Karnan given a disciplined performance.  looks lost for most of the part and is a waste in the movie, whereas Allari Naresh outshines as Ravi in the movie. Prakash Raj in the role of Rishi’s father does justice to his role as always.

The way Vishal is playing his role as a corrupt cop will make you believe that it is a real character. Raashi Khanna has portrayed the character well.

In fact, all the characters in this movie have given their best, making you connected in their life as we come across such scenarios on a daily basis through relevant media.

Music: Peppy and Soulful

Music of the movie is peppy and soulful.

The first song to release Kanne Kanne is a romantic song featuring the lead actors is a soulful rendition.

The latest song Vera Level-U is a dance number composed by S.S Thaman and sung by Deepak and Pooja Vaidyanathan.

Verdict: Should You Watch?

A must watch for its Action, Drama and emotional touch. Overall the movie is a fine mixture of all the elements to make a great film.

In the above article, you will find the Ayogya Movie Review– Revenge Drama OF A Corrupt Cop.