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Kanchana 3 Full movie Download

Kanchana 3 is a 2019 horror-comedy Tamil movie and released in 3 different languages Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. Also, Kanchana 3 is known as Muni 4 and released featuring Raghava Lawrence, Oviya and Vedhika in lead roles. The story of the movie revolves around a gangster who is attacked by a supernatural power.  Similar to the other sequel, part 3 has also gained a lot of popularity. Hence we are here to share the details about Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download also find from where you can  Watch Kanchana 3 Movie Online.

Kanchanna 3 Full Movie Details

Kanchana 3 Cast & Crew

  • Director: Raghava Lawrence
  • Written by: Raghava Lawrence
  • Lead Actors:
    • Raghava Lawrence as Raghava and Kaali
    • Oviya
    • Vedhika
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Satyaraj
    • Kovai Sarala as Raghava’s mother
    • Kabir Duhan Singh as Guru Ram
    • Nedumudi Venu as Kaali’s father
    • Soori as comedian
    • Sriman as Raghava’s brother
    • Devadarshini as Kamakshi, Raghava’s sister-in-law
    • Yogi Babu
  • Producers: Raghava Lawrence / Kalanidhi Maran
  • Music: Raj & Kapil / Jessie
  • Background Music: Bharath Madhusudanan / Sai Bharath / Saravedi Saran

Kanchana 3 Movie Box Office Collection Update

Day 1₹ 15.17 Cr
Day 2₹ 13.30 Cr
Day 3₹ 14.13 Cr
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total Collection₹ 121.00 Cr

Kanchana 3 Hit or Flop

The trailer of Kanchana 3 has received a good response from the audience and. In fact, this Kanchana 3 becomes a Blockbuster movie for the year 2019. Whereas Kanchana 3 is made with a Budget of Rs.40 Cr and done business on Box Office Collection of Rs.121.00 Cr. Also, Kanchana 3 has received an average rating of 5.6/10 on IMDb.

Kanchana 3 Movie Story

Murder of Bhavani

The movie starts with a man named Bhavani killed by Kali. then in the next scene is shown of a house that belongs to an affluent man whose daughter is seized by an evil spirit. 2 Russian priests perform an exorcism on the girl and capture 2 evil spirits and nail them into two different nails which look like a cross and nailed them on a tree.

Family Trip to Coimbatore

Raghav along with his whole family decides to visit their grandparent’s house in Coimbatore for their 60th marriage anniversary celebration. While on the trip to Coimbatore they stop in the middle of the field to have some food. They sit under the same tree where the nails are nailed by the priests. All of a sudden weather changes and they use the nails to nail the picnic mat. Soon after that, some weird things start to happen and the family decides to leave the place but they do notice that the nails remained in their bag.

They all reach their homes. Once in a night Raghav’s niece goes to the kitchen to have some water and she sees a shadow of spirit, but no took it seriously. One day again Kaviya sees the spirit so Raghav’s father decides to visit the temple the next day. Then on the next day, the whole family goes to the temple on their arrival, the Aghoris who are performing pooja feel something unnatural hence they called the family forward.

Aghori’s Advice to Raghav’s Family

The chief Aghori gives one Thirisulam and tells them to keep it on Thulasi so they did as say by Aghori. The same night Priya and Dhivya see the spirit so again the go-to Aghori and this time he gives them three voodoo dolls and tells them to nail on them. While doing this they are scared and terrorized by a horse and a cow so they again go to Aghori to seek his help. Aghori comes to their house, inspect the house and tells them that everything is fine.

The Ghost Entry

The same night Kamakshi sees the ghost and everyone comes to know that the ghost has not left their house it is still there. Meanwhile, Raghav also sees paranormal activities around the picnic bag hence he open that bag and possessed by the evil spirit. Then he starts behaving feminine.

Later Kamakshi feels relief that their house in normal now then suddenly they are attacked by Raghav, actually it is not Raghav but the evil spirit.then all of them convinced that the spirit captured Raghav’s body and makes plan to take out the truth and come to know that there are 2 evil spirits one is Rosie and one is her boyfriend kali.

The Revenge of Ghost

Raghav’s family goes to Aghori in anger and yells at him that he cheats them and falsely tells them that the evil spirit left their house. Then Aghori tells them the whole story of Rosie and Kali how they got killed by Shanker (a corrupt minister). After knowing the sad story the family tells Kali and Rosie to kill Shanker and in this Aghori also helped them. Eventually, Shanker got killed by Rosie and Kali and depart happily.

Anyone should accept the fact that ‘Kanchana 3’ is much more powerful than the previous two instalments. Especially, The thrills and power-packed dialogue of Lawrence will hit the right chord with the movie buffs.

Trivia About Lawrence

Lawrence has also introduced hip-hop and westernized dance moves in the South Indian movies. Raghava Lawrence also won 4 Filmfare South Awards and three Nandi Awards for best choreography which is I think the best achievement which a creative person or a celebrity can have.

He proved his worth and extraordinary skill with the movie Muni film series, which includes its second instalment Muni 2: Kanchana, which released in 2011and its third instalment of the franchise Kanchana 2: Ganga, which was released in 2015.

Kanchana 3 Movie Review

Kanchana directed by Raghava Lawrence and produced by Kalanidhi Maran and Raghava Lawrence is a horror-thriller 3, and its previous two parts were hugely successful. And in Kanchana 3 also the director did not disappoint the audience.it is an entertaining movie which will scare you and in the end, you will enjoy it.


Kanchana 3 Starcast Review

Raghava Lawrence is basically a choreographer who is also an actor and singer. He has shown his acting skills brilliantly in Kanchana 3.

Kabir Duhan Singh is Telugu and Kannada, he is one of the most stylish actors in the industry. This his first horror film and he acted superbly in that.


Kanchana 3 Music Review

SS Thanan is the music composer of the movie. Thereee are 6 songs in the movie. Shake yo Body sung by Jesse Samuel is so far the most hit song of the movie.

Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download in HD, FHD

Kanchana 3 is one of the most awaited sequels of the Kanchana movie series. But we also know that people might be looking for Kanchana 3 Full movie download HD. Hence, we request you to watch or download the movie on Legal Streaming websites. Also, it is our request to everyone that they should watch or Download Kanchana 3 Full Movie HD as per Indian Copyright Law.

Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

Tamilrockers illegal website users leaked Kanchana 3 Full Movie in 480P Hindi and Tamil online just after a week of its release. Causing a loss to the movie, the users were blocked, but just within 24 hours, it came back with the download content. not only the movie which was leaked on Tamilrockers every day many movies get leaked on these illegal websites and the film industry has to suffer from huge losses every year. So it is our humble request to all that do not download from illegal websites and stop Piracy.

Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download Isaimini In Tamil

Another illegal website Isaimini users leaked Kanchana 3 Full Movie in Tamil online soon after release and is causing a lot of problems for the makers and also people associated with the film industry.

Thereee are a lot of illegal websites offering downloads of Kanchana 3 which is causing a loss to the makers of the movie. So request to you do not Watch or Download Kanchana 3 Full Movie from illegal websites.

Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download Filmywap

The first website where Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download in Tamil & Hindi was available was Filmywap. Filmywap leaked Kesari Full movie online in 480P, 720P, 1080P and HD within a week of the movie release. Because of this illegal website, the movie spread like a virus across India, affecting a huge loss to the business and to the creators of the movie and all the people associated with the film industry.

Kanchana 3 Full Movie Download in iSaimini

Similar to other illegal websites, iSaimini is another popular platform to leak the latest movies online. Just after the release, Kanchana 3 full movie in Tamil download was made available in isaimini. But within a few hours of time, the website was banned by the anti-piracy department.

Watch Kanchana 3 Online in Tamil, Kannada, & Hindi Dubbed

Kanchana 3 Full Movie Online is available on Youtube Hindi for free online and legal. For those, who want to know about Kanchana 3 movie availability online legally, will have to wait until August.

Legal Streaming Sites to Watch Kanchana 3 Online

For those who are looking for Kanchana 3 Full Movie online might have to wait for the movie to appear on legal platforms. Which means, all the websites streaming or allowing Kanchan 3 full movie download are illegal. In fact, legal streaming platforms might release Kanchana 3 Full movie online by September 2019.

Also, there are several options to choose from these legal streaming websites. Check below to check different services to watch for download Kanchana 3 Full movie online.

  • Free Streaming: For those who want to watch Kanchana 3 Full Movie Online for free, they might have to wait for a longer period of time. Also, we have observed it takes more than a year for any movie to stream online. Hence, we have listed down the top free legal streaming websites to Watch Kanchan 3 Full movie online.
    • Youtube
    • JioCinema

You can Watch Here Kanchana 3 Full Movie

Service NameLocation
Sun NextFound
  • Rent or Pay Per Movie: For those is not a regular movie watcher, can opt for Pay per movie or rent movie services. In fact, platforms with this service will have Kanchana 3 Full movie available within 6 months of the theatre release. Also, these platforms allow for renting a movie, which is even cheaper. Some of the Rent or Pay Per Movie platforms are.
    • Google Play Movie
    • YouTube Movie
  • Monthly Subscription: The monthly subscription platform will allow Kanchana 3 Full movie download soon within 3 to 4 months of the movie release. Also, these platforms have offline, in-app download feature that gives you a benefit to watching the movie anytime even with no internet. Some of the top Monthly Subscription websites are.
    • Zee5
    • Eros Now

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