Tumbbad Full Movie Download

Tumbbad Full Movie Download

The Tumbbad movie is one of the best thrilling Bollywood Movie psychological horror movies. It’s directed by Rahi Anil Barve, this becomes his career best and greatest hits for all time. The main lead actors of this movie Sohum Shah and a child actor Mohammad Samad make us believe their illusion. Here you will find Tumbbad Full Movie Download.

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Tumbbad movie story

Tumbbad movie is a story about of Vinayak Rao (Shah) who goes on to search for a hidden treasure in the 19th century Maharashtra. The famous dialogue in the movie is “Soja Warna Hastar a Jayega” and Vinayal Rao (Samad) done the lead role in the movie. However, the movie tries to educate everyone who is greedy.  The Vinayak Rao, played the role of a young boy who has left Tumbbad (his village) with his family have got mentally affected. In fact, he always believes that there is a huge treasure inside the mansion in Tumbbad village.

The role of adult Vinayal Rao played by Sohum Shah is still searching for hidden treasure in Tumbbad mansion and late on he manages to find the Gold coins from Hastar who has the gold coin with him. In the end, he wanted to take all coins from Hastar but due to greediness, he becomes the weird tree.

Apart from above, Tumbbad becomes the first Indian movie which was screened at the 75th Venice International Film Festival and many Indian film festival. This is one of the finest psychological horrors and must watch the movie.

Movie Details

  • Release Date: 12 Oct 2018
  • Movie Length: 104 minutes
  • No of Songs 22 LanguagesHindi
  • IMDB Rating: 8.3
  • Budget: 5 Cr
  • Director Rahi Anil Barve, Adesh Prasad
  • Lead Actors Sohum Shah
  • Total Collection 13.57 Cr

Tumbbad Full Movie Download 

As per current reports, Tumbadd movie will be available on TV in March 2019 where you can watch this movie with your family. So it doesn’t make any sense to watch from the illegal website

We always recommend you to watch Tumbbad or other movies from the legal site or better to wait till it’s getting telecast on TV in March 2019 to enjoy the original sound and better clarity

Where To Watch Tumbbad Full Movie?

We have verified that Tumbbad movie is not available on Netflix, Hotstar, Jiocinemas, Yupptv, Viu.com, and Hungama

But we also verified that you can watch from Amazon Prime Video and Youtube

Illegal Websites For Tumbbad Full Movie Download

As per Indian law, we strongly suggest not to download or watch Tumbbad movie from below mentioned illegal website site. This will also help the family of the worker who works in this movie or industry. It is always good to watch from the legal website

If you find Tumbbad Full movie or any other movies in the below websites, please make sure that you do not download it.


  1. My God ! what an ending….and what a MOVIE !

    It’s not totally one horror movie….its something else and a level above


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