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Ayogya Full Movie Download

Ayogya is a 2019 upcoming action and drama Tamil movie and remake version of Superhit Telugu movie Temper. The film stars Vishal and Raashi Khanna have played the lead roles in this movie. The screenplay was done by Venkat Mohan and the movie was released on 10 May 2019. Below in this article, you can find the details about Ayogya Full Movie Download and where to Watch Ayogya Full Movie Online.

Ayogya Full Movie Download

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Ayogya Full Movie Download Tamilrockers

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Watch Ayogya Full Movie Online

Ayogya is an upcoming Tamil movie and will be available to watch online after October 2019. It is expected to be available soon on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix, because on these legal streaming websites where movies get available. If still, you are eager to watch Ayogya Full Movie Online and a die-hard fan of Vishal then you can visit your nearest theater after release.  You can watch the Ayogya Full Movie Online on below mentioned legal websites once available

  • Youtube Movies

Ayogya Details, Cast & Crew, Trailer, Story, Review

  • Director: Venkat Mohan
  • Written by: Venkat Mohan
  • Lead Actors:
    • Vishal as Sub Inspector Karnan
    • Raashi Khanna
  • Supporting Actors:
    • R. Parthiban
    • K. S. Ravikumar as Constable Kaderdar
    • Devadarshini
    • Vamsi KrishnaPooja Devariya
  • Producers: B. Madhu
  • Music: Sam C. S.
  • Background Music: Sam C. S.

Ayogya Movie Trailer

Story of Ayogya

The Corrupt Police Office

Karnan (Vishal) is an orphan who grows up learning that a police’s life is a fantastic one with so much money coming in way of bribes which motivates him to become a police inspector. As he decided after a year’s he becomes dishonest, calculating and heartless inspector. He is moved to Chennai where he forms an instant friendship with the local don Kaalirajan (R. Parthiban), by setting free his for brothers Mani, Varun, Ravi, and Sundeep from the prison who was arrested for smuggling.

Karnan Falls in Love

Karnan’s behavior does not go well with his junior Abdul Kadar ( K . S. Ravikumar), a local police constable. Meantime, Karnan comes across a blue cross member Sindhu (Raashi Khanna) and falls in love with her, with the support of two chain snatchers, Karnan manages to steal her pet dogs which are very dearest for her. Karnan later manages to act those chain snatchers as constables and says that they had to fight with Korean smugglers to recover those pets from them. On her birthday Kaalirajan’s goons kidnap Sindhu and Daya saves her in time.

The Evidence for Inhumanities

Jaalirajan than lectures his goons for abducting the wrong person and ask forgiveness to both of them. Sindhu tells Karnan that, as her birthday gift he has to save thats girl’s life who was believed to kidnap and killed by Kaalirajan. Willing the same, Karnan protects that girl name as Laxmi and confronts Kaalirajan. They later reunite and Karnan comes to know that Laxmi has evidence of Kaalirajan’s brothers’ inhumanities, which if open can finish them.

Karnan Meets Laxmi

Karnan meets Laxmi and learns that Deepthi was her sister was kidnapped, raped, and cruelly beaten to death by Kaalirajan’s four brothers for whole forty days and the whole incident was recorded by them on camera. The recording was stored on cd is with Laxmi now. Karnan takes the CD and sents Laxmi and her mother to the United States. Before going to the United State, Laxmi’s discussion with him carries a change in his behavior and he becomes a truthful police inspector.

Karnan Thanks to Sindhy for Bringing Change

Karnan thanks Sindhu for bringing the change in his behavior and disclose the truth to her later which she forgives him. When Deepthi’s dead body was found and a postmortem performed by a lady doctor, Karnan presents a CD as the proof which turns out to be an empty one. Karnan asks one day gap to bring essential proof so that Kaalirajan’s brothers do not get away as cleared.  He guilts not making more copies of the CD in a chat with Sindhu and later, Kaalirajan’s goons beat Daya when is alone.

The Courtroom Judgement

Next day he enters the courtroom and tells that he is also one between the five men who sexually attacked Deepthi and argues the judge to put the five of them to death so that the other does not get away death penalty. This declaration shocks the media and everyone include Sindhu. Kaalirajan’s brothers decline to eat their last meal before the death penalty due to the dear of death, however, Karnan remains silent and orders his last food Karnan is also hanged along with them.

Review of Ayogya

  • Ayogya is a Tamil action film which is directed by beginner Venkat Mohan and the story of the movie also written by him. The movie is produced by B.Madhu under the banner of his company Light House Movie Makers. The film features Raashi Khanna and Vishal in the lead role. The movie’s soundtrack was composed by Sam .C.C. and S.S.Thaman.
  • The Ayogya is the remake of blockbuster movie Temper. In Tamil films, feelings come first and then comes the logic in the movie. If you looking for the logic in the film than this movie is not for you.
  • Other than the movie is an average crowd-puller, the film has its fantastic movements in the film, they are common movements in any films, but the director of the film given different flavor and color to them.
  • Vishal is a star performer in the film, he plays the character with different shades and gave justice to his role.

Ayogya Box Office Collection Update

Day 12.5 Cr
Day 2TBA
Day 3TBA
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total CollectionTBA

Ayogya Hit or Flop

The total budget of Ayogya movie is Rs.45 Cr and expected to cross Rs.100 Cr benchmark after release on Box Office Collection. As we all know that Vishal is an action star and Ayogya movie has lots of Action scene which will attract the audience to watch in theaters. The first trailer of Ayogya movie has received 6.6 Million views and 2nd trailer received more than 5 million views in just 20 days on Youtube.


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  2. I love this movie, but I hate the ending. I wish he did not die at the end, if he did not the movie would have been way better

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