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90ML is 2019 comedy and romantic Tamil movie and The film stars Oviya has played the lead roles in this movie. 90ML is a new age Tamil Movie mainly focusing on the easy-going metro youth. This movie may not appeal to the elder generation or for the semi-urban or rural audience. The movie was released on 1 March 2019. Below in this article, you will get details about 90ML Full Movie Download and available sources to Watch 90ML Full Movie Online.

90 ml Full movie Download

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Watch 90ML Full Movie Online

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90ML Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Anita Udeep
  • Written by: Anita Udeep
  • Lead Actors:
    • Oviya as Rita
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Anson Paul as Venky
    • Masoom Shankar as Kajal
    • Monisha Ram as Suganya
    • Shree Gopika as Paru
    • Bommu Lakshmi as Thamarai
  • Producers: Anita Udeep
  • Music: Silambarasan
  • Background Music: Silambarasan

90ML Box Office Collection Update

Day wise Box office CollectionsTamil
Day 10.66
Day 20.67
Day 30.55
Day 40.53
Day 50.50
Day 60. 50
Day 70.48
Day 80.6
Day 90.7
Day 100.80
Total Collection5.99

90ML Movie News

  • The Poster of 90 ML Tamil movie got leaked on 14th February 2019
  • 2019-02-08: On 8th Feb 2019 90 ML received “A” Certificate. The Movie Trailer and Title Track were also released on the same day
  • 90ml was released for screening on 1st March 2019.

Story of 90 ML

Thamara’s Drinking Habit

This movie is about four friends. The movie begins with a woman name Thamara (Bommu Lakshmi) and her husband (Devdarshini). The husband-wife duo goes to the psychiatrist to consult him because Devdarshini wants to get rid of the drinking habit of Thamara, though he is who has become the alcohol lover and unable to control this bad habit of drinking. But her husband understands her and takes her to the psychiatrist to resolve the problem and to understand why she is not able to control herself when it comes to alcohol. Though Thamara is very disturbed with her rowdy husband.

The Four Friends

In the same building where Thamara is living, there live another three women and their names are Kajal ( Masoom Shankar), Paaru ( Shree Gopika) and Sungunya ( Monisha Ram) and the fourth one is obviously Thamara( Bommu Lakshmi). They all love in the same apartment and they are very close friends. But all of them are very upset with their lives, with their problems and their boring routine of lives. they often use to meet and discuss all their problems as they can’t resolve them so they just share with each other and sort of console each other. They have become bored with their lives. they use to always fantasizes about their desires and makes themselves happy. But deep inside they all are living very upset lives.

Rita The Free Soul

The four women continue living their routine boring lives until Rit moves into their building to reside. Rita (Oviya) moves in the building with her boyfriend and they are living as a live-in relationship. Rita is a free-spirited girl who lives her life with her own ways and conditions and allows nobody to interfere in her life. She lives her life at fullest and enjoys every bit of it by doing whatever she likes to do. As they all are living in the same building the group of four friends meets Rita. Rita befriends them as her nature is very friendly and jolly. Soon they become very good and close friends. The group of four women got very impressed and influenced. And started considering her their idol.

Ria Teaches them to live Life

Now the four women are under the influence of Rita and they all have becomes a very good and close friend. Now all the four women open up about their different problems with their lives and partners. They started sharing their fantasies with Rita and Rita use to encourage them to live their fantasy and live their life at fullest. The women start following her pieces of advice and begin feeling happy in Rita’ company.

They all started drinking and enjoying themselves and all of them felt that their lives were never so beautiful and happy when they are sober and sane enough hence all of them following Rita’s path in order to enjoy their lives. Rita changes the WhatsApp group name also Hot Chicks from Brindavan Beauty, and her idea of changing the name is not to look or pretend cool but to empower themselves. Rita Promise the women to solve their problem. Then the story revolves around how Rita solves their problems. Will she able to solve the problems or not?

Review of 90 ML

Directed, written and produced by Anita Udeep, 90 ml is an adult comedy film. Tamil Cinema, every now and then we get a film that is not the run of the mill kind. Oviya’s 90 ml is a film that wants to be different but there is nothing novel in it. It has all the elements an adult film should have, with a role reversal of sorts.

Story Review

When we’ve seen films where men sit along with their friends, and drink and lament about the way their spouses treat them. We’ve also seen female-centric films like Magalir Mattum where a woman makes her friends realize what freedom is. Combine both these genres and that’s what 90 ml falls under. Women empowerment is not what the movie portrays. It is certainly not competing with alcohol, sex, drugs, and cigars. It is about never being satisfied with your current achievement and networking with your peers compared to men, they are good at prioritizing their career. Women need to network more and meet up other women to get inspired and influence others.

Starcast Performance

Oviya a young beautiful pretty actress whose real name is Helen Nelson has worked in Tamil and Malayalam industry and she was a model also. she has done many movies and gets acknowledgment for her acting from both critics and audiences. She gained immense popularity when she participated in Bigg Boss Tamil in its first season.

Music Review

Silambarasan is the music composer of the movie. Thereee are four songs in the movie sung by Mariya, Priyanka, Dipika, Aishwarya, and one of the song is sung by Oviya herself. The Beer Biryani song has become a hit.


  1. Oviya has done very well and is a treat to her fans. Screenplay is quite interesting with some twists too.

  2. A fun filled movie…. full of adult jokes… Movie was wonderful…. Oviya acting very well…. A must watch film for youngsters.

  3. This movie is a total waste of time. Its very misleading. It’s shows a total abuse of women’s freedom. Worst movie ever

  4. Simply wonderful movie, u believe it or not it reflects the present day life style of girls, today’s society needed these type of movies.

  5. Anita udeep ‘s story & direction good, very bold dialoges. Music by silambarasan good, totally entertainer and comedy enjoyable movie, just for fun, watcheable

  6. I saw the movie that was awesome
    Very important to see girls for good things do now a days otherwise overall better entertainment movie
    I rate 9/10

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