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Kalakalappu 2 Full Movie Download

Kalakalappu 2 is a 2018 comedy drama Tamil movie and sequel of Kalakalappu. The film stars Jiiva, Jai, Shiva, Nikki Galrani and Catherine Tresa have played the lead roles in this movie. The screenplay was done by Venkat Raghavan and the movie was released on 9 February 2018. Below in this article, you can find the details about Kalakalappu 2 Full Movie Download and where to Watch Kalakalappu 2 Full Movie Online.

Kalakalappu 2 Full Movie Download

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Where to Watch Kalakalappu 2 Full Movie Online?

Currently, Kalakalappu 2 Full Movie Online is not available on any legal streaming websites. However, it takes 3-4 months to gets available on all major legal streaming websites after its theater release. You can check back to us and as once Kalakalappu 2 gets available on streaming websites we will update or you can check from below mentioned websites.

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Watch Kalakalappu 2 Movie on TV

Kalakalappu 2’s producers have given the satellite rights to multiple TV Channels. So Kalakalappu 2 Full movie was already telecasted on TV multiple times. You can get the details of the TV Channels telecasting Kalakalappu 2 Full Movie from this location.

Kalakalappu 2 Trailer

Kalakalappu 2 Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Sundar C.
  • Written by: Badri
  • Lead Actors:
    • Jiiva as Srinivas (Seenu)
    • Jai as Raghu
    • Shiva as Ganesh
    • Catherine Tresa as Hema, Seenu’s love interest
    • Nikki Galrani as Aishwarya, Raghu’s love interest
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Radharavi as Police Inspector
    • Ramaprabha as Seenu’s grandmother
    • Sathish as Gopal, Hema’s brother
    • Yogi Babu as Bhagavan
    • Robo Shankar as Ganesh’s foster father’s brother-in-law
  • Producers: Kushboo
  • Music: Hiphop Tamizha
  • Background Music: Hiphop Tamizha

Kalakalappu 2 Box Office Collection Update

Day 1  2.50 Crore
Day 22.32 Crore
Day 32.50 Crore
Day 41.30 Crore
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total Collection₹50.35 crores

Kalakalappu 2 Hit or Flop

The budget of Kalakalappu movie has not been yet updated but done good business on Box Office Collection of Rs.50.35 Cr. Hence the Kalakalappu considered as Hit movie for the year and received a 5/10 rating on IMDb. The Kalakalappu has done a good collection in Tamil Industry and was able to cross Rs.50 Cr + due to the performance of Starcast and comic timing.

Story of Kalakalappu 2

The comedy circus again

Kalakalappu 2 (English meaning “Sociability 2” is an Indian comedy film in the Tamil language which was released in 2018. Kalakalappu 2 is a second series in the successful Kalakalappu of 2012. The movie starts with Raghu (Jai), who is trying to threaten and kill his own father accusing for not taking noble care of his family and for their poor condition. Meanwhile, he comes to know that his father owns an inherited property in Kasi city. He also comes to know that almost 100 years ago this property was given on lease.

The Twist and the turns

In a similar plot, the movie shows an IT raid happened in ex-minister Dharmaraj’s (Madhusudhanan) home. Dharmaraj somehow manages to hide and pass along his laptop to his auditor (Munishkanth) which has all the details of his illegal wealth and black money. The auditor runs away with the Laptop and hides in Kasi, where he decides to use this brilliant chance to make out some money for himself by blackmailing the minister. And to execute his plan of earning some money he calls up the minister and puts up his demand of Rs. five crores to again hand over the laptop.

Property Matter

Meanwhile, a Raghu travels to Kasi to take charge of his inherited mansion and property. After going there he gets to know that the property is now being managed and taken care by Srinivas alias Seenu (Jiiva). Knowing Raghu’s intentions, Seenu tries to avoid and stall him until he manages to get his sister “Hema” (Catherine) engaged with Gopal (Sathish) as he wants to become a sanyasi once Hema is settled in her life.

You need to do what it takes to earn what you want

In order to get this situation sorted out Raghu agrees to help Seenu get his sister engaged but he also does not want Seenu to become Sanyasi. For that Raghu and Hema, both try to make Seenu give up on the idea but in the process of convincing Seenu, they fall in love with each other. On the other hand, Jai too gets attracted and attached to a local tahsildar “Aishwarya” (Nikki Galrani) who is a family friend to Seenu.

The movie later shows that both Raghu and Seenu had been cheated for the mansion by some guy named Ganesh (Shiva) and they go to Karaikudi to catch hold of him to get back their money. And meanwhile, the minister also starts his ride to get back his laptop. In this whole jugglery, the movie shows the fun of all these three characters moving from here to there in order to get the money and the laptop.

Raghu gets His Mansion Back

The movie is a full to bumpy ride of jokes and comedy with a decent climax. In the climax, Movie turns to a situation where Raghu starts his journey to get back his mansion and in the process the get his property fall in love with Seenu’s sister and develops care towards her brother seenu who wants to become Sanyasi. In the whole process, Seenu also falls in love with Aishwarya who is nothing but Ragu’s family friend. The movie again takes a turn when both Ragu and Seenu follows Ganesh who has cheated them and to take back their money. The movie takes many turns and twists full of entertainment.

Reviews of Kalakalappu 2

Direction Review

Director Sundar C’s is a very fine director of the movie industry when it comes to handling a collective and qualifying every actor’s existence. The movie has showcased the character in their true forms with Sundar C’s direction. He has added his own comedy style in the movie creating the same magic as of 1st part.

Acting Review

The movie has a completely different story this time as compared to its first part with new crew cast featuring Jai, Jiiva, Shiva, Catherine Tresa and Nikki Galrani in the lead roles. Jai has played his role perfectly with his funky style of dialogue deliveries and fascinating act. All the actors have also made their 100% efforts to flood the viewers with a laugh.

Cinematography Review

Cinematographer U. K. Senthil Kumar is a very famous person for his fine style of capturing the scenes and intriguing photography. All the shots in the movie have been captured beautifully with real-life effects.

Music Review

The music in the movie is composed by Hiphop Tamizha. The movie album has 5 tracks and they have been released through singles. The Tamil lyrics of the songs are written by Mohan Raja and Hip-hop Tamizha making it a beautiful to hear one can lose himself with the music and its lyrics.


You must go for Kalakalappu 2 and if you are a diehard fan of comedy movie as the ensemble cast of this movie takes unlimited turns twists to keep you in engaged. As the forte of Sundar C’s is comedy he never disappoints his viewers in that area. As usual, it is the last half an hour of the movie that turns out to be nearly a non-stop laughathon and the first half takes some time to make up and present the huge star cast, their drama and the vibrant frames of the story.

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