Grindhouse Releasing, the new leader in quality exploitation, proudly announces the two most eagerly-awaited releases of the decade. Lucio Fulci’s legendary 1981 classic of nightmare horror the beyond, and Umberto Lenzi’s notorious epic of brutality cannibal forex (aka make them die slowly).

These blood-drenched shockers, presented on laserdisc for the first time in America in their full-length, uncensored, unrated form, are being released in deluxe letterboxed editions that will put the ultra-rare Japanese releases of these titles to shame. Grindhouse Releasing has spared no expense in digitally remastering the beyond and cannibal forex from original negative and sound elements newly restored by Technicolor lab in Rome. To ensure utmost picture quality, the color timing of the beyond was personally supervised by Sergio Salvati, the original director of photography of this terror classic. In addition, both releases will feature digitally re-mastered stereo sound for never-before-heard sonic clarity!

Both laserdiscs will also contain a large number of bonus materials, including trailers, still photos, extensive promotional materials and an analog track containing the original Italian language soundtracks. Cannibal Ferox will include amazingly entertaining and sure to be controversial commentary from director Lenzi and star Giovanni Lombardo Radice (aka John Morghen). The beyond will include candid and engaging commentary from co-stars David Warbeck and Catriona MacColl, plus a rare on-set interview with Lucio Fulci and a few other surprises!

These discs were originally announced last year but were delayed in

Their release due to the high standards of grindhouse releasing. We strongly felt it would be better to wait until all materials were absolutely the best they could be than to rush out with an inferior product. And our persistence has paid off, with more and more incredible materials for these releases arriving each day from all over the world, the most recent and exciting being a rare German print of reel one of the beyond with the entire pre-credit sequence in full color, an amazing supplementary item, to say the least!

We are now projecting an early fall release for both pictures. Since we are still working on them, let us know if there is anything you would like to see on these discs that we may not have thought of. Or maybe you have something that we don’t. Please let us know. Upcoming releases include Lucio Fulci’s gore epic cat in the brain, city of the living dead (the gates of hell), and the late great Duke Mitchell’s long lost masterpiece gone with the pope, presented for the very first time anywhere!

Additionally, grindhouse releasing is seriously pursuing theatrical

Releases for our pictures. We have two beautiful brand new prints of these features and love to see them played. If you know of any movie theaters near you that may want to book either of these films please drop us a line!

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Comic-Con Grind House Presentation

Stumbled across this today and it’s cool as hell.

Netscape has been covering the San Diego Comic Con and they have posted a podcast of the presentation that Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino made for Grind House at the show. It is great.

They talk about the generation of the idea for Grind House and proceed to bring on stage some of the stars of the film. Fans ask questions, secrets are revealed. It’s almost as good as being there. Okay, so Im lying, it sucks to not have been there but this is better then nothing.

You’re going to want to click here right now and go check this out.

They’re still saying a December release is expected. Rodriguez should wrap Planet Terror this coming week and Tarantino is slated to start up on Planet Terror in about a month. Doesn’t give them a lot of time for post-production but hopefully, they’ll still make that Dec. release deadline. Keep it here for the latest.

Savini Joins Cast Of GRINDHOUSE

Tom Savini gave me a call this evening to let me know that he has been cast in what promises to be one of the genres event films of the year. Of course, you know I must be talking about the Rodriguez / Tarantino project GRINDHOUSE.

Tom promises that this character is going to be a wilder ride than what he gave us in From Dusk Till Dawn. He revealed more to me but I had to promise not to reveal details until he gives me the go-ahead to do so. Keep it right here though because when Tom gives me the go ahead I got great stuff to tell ya.

Tom is in Austin as I write this; he called from the airport to let me know about this. As all of you should remember Savini’s last go around with Rodriguez brought us the great character of Sex Machine. Can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this time.

Keep it right here for all the latest.


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