The Dividing Hour

Four would-be bank robbers decide to make a quick withdraw and head for the border, but little do they know that the decisions they make will forever change their lives. As they speed down an abandon stretch of highway, Josh (Mike Prosser), the getaway driver, seems haunted by a nightmare or is it an omen of the future???  He drifts in and out of consciousness with these visions and than suddenly, a jerk of the wheel leaves these four car-less. 

Hoping to find a help, they begin to make their way back down road. Josh brings up the rear as he helps his younger brother Zack (Brian Prosser) who is nursing a nasty knee injury from their accident. Along the way, they are able to hitch a ride with a local (Jay Horenstein) who promises to take them to a phone. He drops them off at an old house out in the middle of woods, where they are greeted by Dawn Gates (Jillian Hodges) and her cationic father Lewis (Max Yoakum). Unfortunately, the Gates' phone isn't working at the moment.

As time goes by, Josh continues to battle his nightmares and decides to head out looking for help. All the while back at the house, Peter (Brad Goodman), the gun-toting psycho of the group, begins to assert his will, while taking whatever and whomever he wants.  Pushing on, Josh happens back upon their crash site where he makes a gruesome discovery.  Confused, he quickly returns to the house as the "dividing hour" approaches. 


The Dividing Hour 



It is really amazing to think that this little gem was made for about $7000. Mike Prosser (Writer/Director/Lead/etc) along with David Walker, Jeff Yarnell, and Greg James crafted a very entertaining and well-made film. The special effects are well above what this nominal budget would normally constrain. Again, the independent arena is proving that a multi-million dollar budget isn't necessary to make a superior film. This film is highly recommended and exceptional for a shot-on-video feature. Buy it NOW!!!!!   


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