The Last Broadcast

The film begins as a documentary examining the bizarre deaths of a group of  local access cable TV filmmakers. Hoping to boost sagging ratings for their show "Fact or Fiction", producers Steven Avkast (Stefan Avalos) and Locus Wheeler (Lance Weiler)  have arranged for a live broadcast deep within the pine barrens of New Jersey. Joining them in their search for the legendary Jersey Devil are soundman Rein Clackin (Rein Clabbers) and psychic Jim Suerd (Jim Seward). Days later, Jim emerges from the woods and makes a fanatic call to 911 leading police to make a gruesome discovery.   

The evidence at the scene and in Jim's home quickly points to him as the perpetrator of this heinous crime. In a lengthy trial full of video exurbs, the prosecution paints this psychic/psycho as edgy loner susceptible to bouts of violence, while blatantly overlook evidence that might prove his innocence.  As he is serving two life sentences, Jim mysteriously dies in his cell. This further propels local filmmaker David Leigh (David Beard) deeper in his search for the truth. One year after the deaths, a strange package arrives on  Leigh's doorstep. Could it be the Last Broadcast??

The Last Broadcast


Let me begin by saying that "The Blair Witch Project" (TBWP) did not rip off this film. Although it is true that both film do take a pseudo-documentary approach, that is where the similarities end. Both films succeed on different levels and should be celebrated for the originality and freshness that they have brought to the genre. Where "The Last Broadcast" (TLB) deviates from TBWP formula is that rather than being shot from the "point-of-view" (POV) of the victims, it focuses more on an investigative style in examining  the events surrounding their demised. Where "TBWP" had more raw emotion and action, "TLB" has more story, one that is developed through a multitude of interviews, video footage, etc. This helps to  make "TLB" an extremely entertaining film. The film was magnificently shot and edited on an unimaginable budget of $900.


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