The movie begins as a reporter (Jim Phillips) heads over to the local asylum  to talk to the sole survivor of a mysterious tragedy. There we find a fearful patience tightly gripping a crucifix, screaming "they're going to kill me". As the reporter begins speaking with this crazed man a brief struggle breaks out between the two. Afterwards, he notices that he accidentally picked up the crucifix and decides to speak with the man's doctor. They both decide to sit down and listen to a tape recording of the man's story as his screaming echoes out eerily in the background..... "they're going to kill me".

His story begins when he along with three of his friends decide to head up to the mountains and help their professor with his archeological dig. Little do they know what dangers awaits them. As they arrive, they find the professor's cabin destroyed and him missing. A forest ranger named Asmodeus (Jack Woods) happens upon our heroes and tells them that the professor must have gone into town for some help. He suggest they should follow, but being curious or more like a little stupid, they decide to stick around and look for the professor.

Strange things start to happen around them in this "Valley of Death". They notice a medieval castle off in the distance and head off to check it out. On their way, they hear demented laughter coming from a cave and decide to invesigate. Once inside, they meet a crazy old man who gives them an ancient book (i.e. kinda like the Necronomicon).

As David (Edward Connell) begins to delve deeper into the book, he discovers its' mystical powers to conjure demons and open doorways to alternative dimensions. Now the fun begins, because it seems there are already a few demons on the loose who are attempting to recover the book for their dark lord. Let the claymation fly, as one by one, our heroes begin to fall to the dark side. What will protect them as they attempt to escape this evil???? Great ending sequence. Pick it up and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!



If you consider yourself an "Evil Dead" fan or even a horror fan, you own it to yourself to add this film to your video library. There is no doubt that a young Sam Raimi must have held this film close to his heart when he was formulating the story for "Evil Dead". It has pretty decent special effects for what was originally a student film. It is also one of those films that I remember watching as a kid Saturday afternoons on "Creature Double Feature". Not until recently was I able to track it down and re-live some fond childhood memories, as well as, a great film.            


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