Pinhead Alter Ego

Pinhead Alter Ego


Occult Activities, Murder, and Kidnapping

Vital Statistics

AKA: Xipe Totec 
Human Persona
Captain Elliott Spenser
Place of Taken:
Quonset hut in India sometime after WW I.
None, bald head covered in a grid with pins driven in the intersection.
Black, no white

Scars or marksScars or marks: Has a grid on his bald head in which large pins are driven into the intersections. Has 6 wounds on his chest with hooks holding the flesh open. Has hooks connecting his dress to the back of his head. His “tool belt” is looped thru a piece of flesh on his stomach.

Remarks: Leader of the Cenobites.

Lament ConfigurationLament Configuration: The “Lament Configuration” is a puzzle box that when solved calls forth the Cenobites from Hell. The box is said to offer the user “experience beyond the limits; pain and pleasure, indivisible”. But the price for such experience is reported to be your soul. It is also said that the box can be used to send the Cenobites back to Hell. Rumors of another box, the “Elysium Configuration” persist. Supposedly designed by Phillip LeMarchand to destroy the Cenobites, its completion has never been verified. Please contact the Bureau ASAP is you spot this device or any Cenobite.


Consider Pinhead Alter Ego and his Accomplices ARMED AND EXTREMELY DANGEROUS.