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Carry on jatta 2 Full Movie Download

Carry on Jatta 2 is a 2018 comedy Punjabi movie and the film stars Gippy Grewal and Sonam Bajwa have played the lead roles in this movie. The screenplay was done by Kushan Nandy whereas this movie is released on 1 June 2018. Below in this article, you can find the details about Carry on Jatta 2 Full Movie Download and where to Watch Carry on Jatta 2 Full Movie Online.

Carry on Jatta 2 Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Smeep Kang
  • Written by: Naresh Kathooria
  • Lead Actors:
    • Gippy Grewal as Jass
    • Sonam Bajwa as Meet
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Gurpreet Ghuggi as Honey
    • Binnu Dhillon as Goldie
    • Jaswinder Bhalla as Advocate Dhillon
    • Jyotii Sethi as Diljit
  • Producers: Gunbir Singh Sidhu / Manmord Sidhu / Atul Bhalla / Amit Bhalla
  • Music: Jay K / Gurmeet Singh / Sukhe Musical Doctorz
  • Background Music: Jay K / Gurmeet Singh / Sukhe Musical Doctorz

Carry on Jatta 2 Box Office Collection Update

Day 1TBA
Day 2TBA
Day 3TBA
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total Collection₹56.27 crores

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Carry on Jatta 2 Hit or Flop

Carry on Jatta 2 is a Punjabi Language Blockbuster movie for the year 2018 and received a good rating of 7.2/10 rating on the IMDb websites. Also, the total budget of Carry on Jatta 2 was Rs.15 Cr and collected Rs.56.27 Cr on Box Office Collection. The Carry on Jatta 2 is liked by both in India and Overseas especially in Canada.

Story of Carry on Jatta 2

Jass Dreams

The movie starts with an orphan man Jass (Gippy Grewal) who has no relative and lived all his life alone without any blood relation and deprived of the love of parents and family but in spite of these, he is a free spirit guy who lives his life at fullest and on his own conditions. He is a happy go lucky guy. He is staying in a rented flat which belongs to advocate Dhillion( Jaswinder Bhalla) and his son Goldie Dhillion (Binnu Dhillion). Jass is not educated as he is orphan and there is no one to take care or educate him and his lack of education bothers him a lot as it is his dream to go Canada which he thinks can’t be fulfilled due to his education. So one day an idea strikes in his head to go to Canada now he thinks that the only way to go to Canada is to marry an NRI girl and through her, he can fulfill his dream to go Canada.

Jass Meets Meet

Honey(Gurpreet Ghuggi) the only friend of Jass who is very close to him and he is working as an agent in a marriage agency. Then Jass tells and requests honey to find an NRI girl for him so that he can marry her and go to Canada. One day Honey tells Jass to accompany him to the wedding. Jass agrees and when they go to the wedding Jass see mostly all the people are NRI there. In the Wedding coincidently, Jass meets a Beautiful pretty NRI girl Meet ( Sonam Bajwa) and instantly falls in love with him in first sight. Then after that Jass started stalking Meet and during this, he comes to know that Meet is also an orphan who lives all her life alone as he spent his life and immediately feels connected to her. She also comes to know that he wants to marry a man who has a very large and big family as she doesn’t want to live alone anymore.

Jass Makes a Plan

Now Jass wants to marry Meet anyhow to go to Canada and moreover he started loving her so he makes another plan for this. He includes Honey in his plan and tricks meet with his help that he has a very big family, in response Meet tells him to bring his parents and family to Meet his uncle. By hearing this Jass denied as he doesn’t have any family. And here Meet’s uncle started a search for a groom for Meet. Her uncle tells Honey to find a suitable way for her so Jass come up with another plan. He Planned to show and presents Dhillion as his father and showing Dhillion Meet as Goldie’s wife. His this plan makes so much confusion for everyone even he feels very confused to execute the plan properly. But in spite of the confusion and problems he managed to marry Meet.

Jass Created Another Confusion

Now after marrying Meet now, Jass is dreaming to go to Canada and he repeatedly stars asking Meet to go Canada but Meet always denies her because she doesn’t want to leave his family now as this her dream to live in a large family after marriage. This disappoints Jass and he makes another plan so that Meet can hate his family and will go to Canada. So according to his plan, he ran away with Meet and here he makes Goldie’s uncle Tony that Meet is running away with jass. He immediately informs Dhillion that his daughter in law running away with Jass. When Dhillion comes to know about this he follows them with one of his house servants, Tony see them and thinks that Dhillion loves her and running away with her. But eventually, they all meet at one place and Honey clear everyone’s confusion and reveals the truth.

Review Carry on Jatta 2

Directed by Smeep Kang and produced by Atul and Amit Bhalla Carry On Jatta 2 in the comedy movie and sequel of Carry on Jatta. The movie is hilarious in terms of comedy. In today’s’ time people hardly laugh for even 10 minutes on a go but this movie makes you laugh for two hours continuously. Excellent performances by all the stars. This movie is not for those who seek seriousness, heavy dialogues, sophistication, intellectualness, etc. in the movie. This movie is for those who want to rejoice and to spend two hours in utmost happiness. The movie seems a little long but you won’t feel bored anywhere in the movie.

Music Review

Thereee are multiple music composers of the movie, Jassi Katyal, Gurmeet Singh, Sukhe Musicals and Doctors. Thereee is a total of six songs in the movie. Music of the movie is pretty impressive as compared to other Punjabi movies. the Tunes are very catchy and good to hear. The songs are sung by Cherry, Gippy Grewal, Mannat Noor, And Sudesh Kumari. Gippy Grewal himself is the lead singer of the movie all the songs sung by him is very good and catchy.

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Watch Carry on Jatta 2 Full Movie Online

Carry on Jatta 2 is an old movie and you can watch Carry on Jatta 2 Medium Full movie online on legal platforms. You will get Carry on Jatta 2 Full Movie Online in limited legal streaming websites as the production house given the rights to limited streaming websites.

  • We have verified that Carry on Jatta 2 Full movie is only available on Amazon Prime Video.

Carry on Jatta 2 Full Movie Download

If you are looking for Carry on Jatta 2 Full Movie Download, then there are several platforms. But all these platforms are illegal because of White Hill Studios and A&A Advisors, the production house of Carry on Jatta 2 haven’t authorized anyone to download. In fact, these websites are pirated and against the Indian Copyright Law.

Hence, we request never to Download Carry on Jatta 2 Full Movie from an illegal source.

Watch Carry on Jatta 2 Full Movie On TV

Carry on Jatta 2 has broadcasted on TV Channels several times. If you have missed watching this movie, then you no need to worry because this movie can be available on TV channels anytime soon. As of now, Carry on Jatta 2 has not been scheduled on any TV Channels till May 2019. If you are looking to watch on TV then you can check from this location.