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Sarrainodu Full Movie DownloadSarrainodu is a Telugu action movie starring superstar Allu Arjun and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles. Directed by Boyapati Srinu and produced by Allu Arvind the movie is about the war between an ex-army man who is against injustice and a politicians son. The movie was released on 22 April 2016. Below in this, article You can find the detail about Sarrainodu Full Movie Download and where to Watch Sarrainodu Full Movie Online.

Sarrainodu Full Movie Download

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Watch Sarrainodu Full Movie Online

Sarrainodu Full Movie is available Online on legal streaming websites. It is always better to watch Sarrainodu Full Movie Online from legal websites to enjoy the full movie, good quality of sounds and pictures.

  • You can watch Sarrainodu Full Movie Online in Hindi from SonyLive from this location: Sarrainodu on SonyLiv

Watch Sarrainodu Full Movie on TV

Sarrainodu’s producers have given the satellite rights to multiple TV Channels. So Sarrainodu Full movie was already telecasted on TV multiple times. You can get the details of the TV Channels telecasting Sarrainodu Full Movie from this location.

Sarrainodu Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Boyapati Srinu
  • Written by: M. Rathnam
  • Lead Actors:
    • Allu Arjun
    • Rakul Preet Singh
    • Aadhi Pinisetty
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Srikanth
    • Suman
    • Catherine Tresa
    • Vijayakumar
    • Saikumar
  • Producers: Allu Aravind
  • Music: S. Thaman
  • Background Music: S. Thaman

Sarrainodu Box Office Collection Update

Day 1TBA
Day 2TBA
Day 3TBA
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total  CollectionRs.73.87 Cr

Sarrainodu Hit or Flop

Sarrainodu is made with a total budget of Rs.50 Cr and against that collected Rs.73.87 on Box Office Collection. Hence Sarrainodu has considered as Hit movie for the year 2016 and received a rating of 6.4/10 on IMDb. Also, the Sarrainodu movie is most loved by both people and critics.

Sarrainodu Movie Story

Gana Hits Dishonest People

Gana (Allu Arjun) is a youngster who hits dishonest people that gets away due to weaknesses in our legal system. He is taking care by his fatherly uncle Sripati (Srikanth) and put down by his father Umapati ( Jayaprakash) for leaving the military and not having any goal in his life. One day Gana is sent to a nearby village to meet his future wife, Mahalakshmi (Rakul Preet Singh) She is a daughter of his father’s friend, Jaya Prakash (Sai Kumar) who is an honest ex-IAS officer and politician.

Gana Falls in Love with Hansitha

Nevertheless, Gana comes across Hansitha Reddy (Catherine Tresa), who disclosed to be local MLA, and Gana falls in love with her. He tells his father that Mahalakshmi denied him because he gets into a fight. Dhanush (Adhi Pinisetty) the son of CM Reddy (Kitty). His son Dhanush murder a farmer for declining to give up his lands. Later a famous businessman knows as Paddam Veerendra (Aadarsh Balakrishna) meets to Dhanush to gets away punishment for raping and killing a college girl.

The Victim’s Family Ask for Help

The victim’s family ask for the help of Hansitha for help to get justice. At the courtroom, a new defense lawyer (Rajiv Kanakala) turns the case, making it look like the girl annoyed slapping by threatening Veerendra. The judge chooses in favor of the Lawyer’s argument. When the parents of the victim come to know about the court decision they commit suicide. Gana learns about the lawyer and beats him and also cut the leg of his client Veerendra as a punishment.

Hansitha falls in love with Gana and promises to marry him but on one condition that he declares in the presence of the God that he always stands behind her and never fight again unnecessary. He is about to do so at the temple and in the presence of God when a seriously injured Mahalakshmi enters the temple, running away from people who try to kill her. Gana grabs her up, knocks every goon who tries to kill her, and eventually gives fearlessness to Mahalakshmi. Describing a flash from the past, it is disclosed that Mahalakshmi did not decline to Gana.

Gana Saved Mahalakshmi from Goons

In reality, Gana had gone to Mahalakshmi’s home and has saved her from goons who are working for Dhanush. After that Gana had canceled the marriage. Mahalakshmi describes Dhanush attempted to blackmail her father. His father had been guarding farmers so that they would not have to sell their lands to Dhanush. This furious Dhanush, who killed the farmers. When Mahalakshmi mediated. she slapped Dhanush and also disgraced him.
In a fit of rage, he killed her father and attempted to kill her also.

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Gana Chooses to Help

She barely gets away and had run for four days in search of Gana. Gana chooses to help her. He goes to the Dhanush’s house, knock’s his goon, and attempts to burn him alive, but he manages to get away. When Gana is blamed for the attack on Dhanush but he declares that the other people beats Dhanush Dhanush enters at DGP Ranjit’s (Suman) office to surrender but he shoots at Ranjit. Dhanush tries to kill the father of Gana, but Sripati takes the bullet. Reddy stops Dhanush from shooting anybody else and asks Umapati to call Gana and make him surrender to Dhanush. And also told that if Gana is surrender to Dhanush than only they will allow Sripati to the hospital.

Gana Surrender to Dhanush

Gana surrender to Dhanush he is beaten and stabbed by Dhanush and his goons. Reddy than tell his son Dhanush to kill Sripati, which angers Gana into killing goons and Reddy. Gana then fights with Dhanush beheads Dhanush with an ax when he attempts to run over his uncle and father In the local news, it is displayed that Dhanush and his father were killed while saving Ranjit from an unknown terrorist group.

Review of Sarrainodu

  • Sarrainodu is a Telugu action film which is directed as well as written by Boyapati Srinu and the film is produced by Allu Arvind under the banner of Geetha Arts.
  • It features Rakul Preet Sing, Allu Arjun, Srikant, Aadhi Pinisetty, Catherine Tresa, in the lead roles.
  • The music and the background score were composed by S. Thaman, while cinematography is done by Rishi Punjabi.
  • The movie released on 22 April 2016 and becomes the highest grossing Telugu movie in the year 2016
  • Allu Arjun acted brilliantly in the movie, with his fantastic body. He has attempted to save the film from being down in so many scenes. Rakul Preet Singh is done a fantastic job in the movie.

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