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Guddiyan Patole is a 2019 Punjabi film directed by Vijay Kumar Arora. Sonam Bajwa, Gurnam Bhullar, and Nirmal Rishi have played the lead roles in Guddiyan Patole. Jagdeep Sidhu is the scriptwriter for this movie and released on 8th March 2019. In this article, we provide you the details about Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download and where to watch Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Online.

Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download HD

Guddiyan Patole Release Date is 8th March 2019. In line with other movies, TV Channels broadcast Guddiyan Patole after May 2019 (3 Months from release). You no need to wait till the end of May 2019. if you want to watch Guddiyan Patole. Are you wondering how?

Guddiyan Patole will be available on legal streaming websites after it is taken out of theaters (Around May 2019).  In case you are more eager to watch Guddiyan Patole Movie before May, we recommend you to visit your nearest theatres.

The makers of Guddiyan Patole have not given access to websites for watching or downloading Guddiyan Patole Movie Online.

Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download Filmyhit

After the release of the movie, Guddiyan Patole full movie download in Filmyhit got leaked. The production house of Guddiyan Patole has banned the Filmyhit website on the same day. But the movie downloaded in FilmyHit reached 100K by the time the website was banned. Also, Guddiyan Patole Full movie in HD and FHD was available on Filmyhit, which was one reason to attract the audience.

Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download Filmywap

Similar to FilmyHit, Guddiyan Patole Full movie download on Filmywap was aaialble. Also, it was available in P4 (480P), HD (720P), FHD (1080P), and 320 resolution. Having the movie available on so many platforms, people had options to download depending on the device they use.

Guddiyan Patole full movie download Filmyzilla

Within a few hours of the movie release, Guddiyan Patole full movie download was available on Filmyzilla was available. Recently, Filmyzilla has gained a lot of popularity. Not only this, this illegal platform has become a major source to download the latest movie across the industry. Websites like Filmyzilla has caused huge trouble to the movie investors. Hence, we always encourage you to avoid Filmyzilla and other similar platforms.

Guddiyan Patole full movie download Dailymotion

Even though Dailymotion is a legal website Within a few hours of the movie release, Guddiyan Patole full movie download was leaked by users of the website in parts and creating a big problem for the movie makers. Dailymotion is working on stopping such crimes and will block such users.

Guddiyan Patole full movie download Okpunjab

Within a few hours of the movie release, Guddiyan Patole full movie download on Okpunjab was available. OkPunjab is another new illegal platforms, specially meant to illegally download the latest Punjabi Movies. Similarly, they leaked Guddiyan Patole on the same day the movie got released.

Guddiyan Patole full movie download Rdxhd

Another illegal website rdxhd has leaked the full movie Guddiyan Patole in various different resolutions for free like Mp4,3gp,avi, mkv formats. this leak has created a big hole in the pocket for the producers and the people who invested in the creation of the film.

Guddiyan Patole full movie download Torrent movies

Torrent movies have been creating a lot of problems for the makers of the film Guddiyan Patole as they are giving Guddiyan Patole full movie download and causing a huge loss to the makers of the film.

Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download Worldfree4u

Worldfree4u is another illegal streaming website which leaked Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download in multiple screen resolution in HD (720P), FHD (1080P), and 320P. In fact, Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download in Worldfree4u was downloaded by 100K times in just 24 hrs in result the producer and people who are associated with movie has to suffer from huge loss.

Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download Bolly4u

Like Filmyzilla, Filmywap, and Dailymotion the Bolly4u illegal website also leaked the Guddiyan Patole Full Download. In fact, people were searching for Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Download at Bolly4u within 24 the concerned authority has banned the website but the damage was already when it was available for free download.

Watch Guddiyan Patole Full Movie:

  • Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Not Available, in Hotstar, NetFlix, Prime Video

Where To Watch Guddiyan Patole Full Movie Online

Disclaimer: does not support any piracy. In fact, Downloading Guddiyan Patole from any website is illegal. Also, It is considered as Piracy and is illegal as per the Indian Copy Right Law.

We know that you are looking to watch Guddiyan Patole Online. Also, we know that it is going to take time for you to search Guddiyan Patole in all the websites Many sites illegal and they do not actually provide any links. So We have done the hard work for you and providing the details here.

So We have verified that Guddiyan Patole is not available on YouTube,  Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Jio Cinemas, or as of today (29th March 2019)

In fact, We strongly request not to download or watch Guddiyan Patole from any of these illegal websites. This will help thousands of families working in the Punjabi Film Industry in and around Punjab.

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Guddiyan Patole Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Vijay Kumar Arora
  • Written by: Jagdeep Sidhu
  • Lead Actors:
    • Vijay Kumar Arora
    • Sonam Bajwa
    • Gurnam Bhullar
    • Nirmal Rishi
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Baninder Bunny
    • Seema Kaushal
    • Sukhwinder Chahal
    • Tania
    • Rupinder Rupi
  • Producers: Nav Virk / Bhagwant Virk
  • Music: Gurlej Akhtar / Gurnam Bhullar
  • Background Music: Vicky Dhaliwal / Ammy Virk

Guddiyan Patole Box Office Collection Update

Day 1TBA
Day 2TBA
Day 3TBA
Day 4TBA
Day 5TBA
Day 6TBA
Day 7TBA
Day 8TBA
Day 9TBA
Day 10TBA
Total Collection₹ 12.00 Crore


Guddiyan Patole Hit or Flop

The film did not go super hit but earned a total sum of rs15 crore throughout the globe. In foreign countries, the movie was on the screen until the second weekends through the new releases. They expected Guddiyan Patole to earn rs50 lakh on the opening in India but unfortunately, it earned rs65 lakh and ranked in the topmost Punjabi film. On its first weekend, the film collected a total of rs2.50 crore that included the United States and Canada with rs1.35 crore. The stakes decreased up to 15% in the North American region in the second week.

Guddiyan Patole Story

Introduction of characters

The movie has a unique concept and astonishing storyline which is been written by Jagdeep Sidhu. The story is based on two girls trying to adjust in the cast tradition which is been forced by the family when they return from Canada. The two girls are- Kashmir Kaur, which is been played by Sonam Bajwa and Nicole, which is been played by Tania. They both live in Canada with their divorced mother Manjeet. They have not met the other members of the maternal family, as they were both raised In Canada. Therefore, their mom tells them to visit their hometown (Punjab). In addition, the girls agreed.

When Girls Reach Their Maternal Home

Therefore, there is a person who comes in light. His name is Amreek, which is been played by Gurnam Bhullar. Amreek drives a cab and owns one. He drives the girls from the airport to the destination they confronted which is their home. As they arrived they, get much love and affection from their family, which they were expecting, but as days went on they realized that the things are not going, as they wanted because they were not been used with the tradition to be followed. The Grandmother was against the girls because of not wearing proper clothes and is against the mother too.

The Final Drama

Therefore, the girls try to make the grandmother understand how the world works by taking her to a tour of the whole Chandigarh. They made her understand by explaining her about how everyone works freely and does not take stress about what the tradition suggests. They said that the time is not what it was decades ago and a lot has changed.

In the meanwhile, as they were touring Chandigarh in the same cab of Gurnam. He gets in love with one of the girls. In- between the bonds grew more between the granddaughters and grandmother.

Review of Guddiyan Patole

Acting Review

All characters played an astonishing roll in the entire film, the best was of the role of Grandmother played by Nirmal Rishi and the granddaughter played by Sonam Bajwa It feels like they are the backbone of the whole film Guddiyan Patole.

The way Sonam Bajwa talks and speaks in Punjabi will make you remind of any foreign person. Tania also supported and did well. Gurnam Bhullar does not have much role in the entire film but maintains decency thoroughly; due to some issues, they were not able to catch audience sight. Every other character in the film did a fantastic job but were not in most of the time due to less dialogue and less orientation. Every effort has been made to make the movie super hit.


Vijay Kumar Arora director of the film and Bhagwant Virk & Nav Virk, producers. The inventor of the film uniquely portrayed and the VFX works done is perfect. The entire screenplay is great and eye-catching for the audience to hang up for a longer span of time. However, the movie has some unrevealed fact, which the audience was expecting but did not receive and make the interest fall for the movie mostly in the other half of the movie.

Music Review

As ‘Gurnam Bhullar’ sings most of the songs in the movie, by this the makers of movies did the cost-cutting. V Rakx Music, Sukhe E Muzical Doctorz, and Ikwinder Singh have given music, though lyrics are provided by Gurnam Bhullar, Gary Vander, Vicky Dhaliwal, Harinder Kaur. All the songs are been written and sung beautifully.


Although the name of the film did not have to take anything with the actual film, it was a complete mismatch. However, the movie is a onetime watch show. It is not been fully based on traditional drama but with a positive viewpoint. Modern people will also love watching it.