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Tumhari Sulu Full Movie Download

Tumhari Sulu is a 2017 comedy and drama Bollywood movie and the film stars Vidya Balan Bajwa have played the lead roles in this movie. The screenplay was done by Suresh Triveni whereas this movie is released on 17 November 2017. Below in this article, you can find the details about Tumhari Sulu Full Movie Download and where to Watch Tumhari Sulu Full Movie Online.

Tumhari Sulu Full Movie Download

If you are looking for Tumhari Sulu Full Movie Download online then you will get it on many websites. All these websites are illegal and as per Indian Copyright Law considered as a punishable crime. We suggest you not support piracy and stay away from these illegal websites. By doing this you will save thousands of families who are working under these industries.

Tumhari Sulu Full Movie Download Dailymotion

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Tumhari Sulu Full Movie Torrent

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Watch Tumhari Sulu Full Movie Online

Currently, Tumhari Sull Full Movie Online is available only on Amazon Prime Video, apart from Amazon Prime Video Tumhari Sulu Full Movie Online is not available on any other legal streaming websites. To watch Tumhari Sulu from Amazon Prime Video check from this location.

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Watch Tumhari Sulu Full Movie On TV

Tumhari Sulu Full Movie on TV was telecasted on TV multiple times especially in weekend and holidays at noon times. If you want to know when Tumhari Sulu Full Movie on TV will be telecasting then you can check from this location.

Tumhari Sulu Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Suresh Triveni
  • Written by: Vijay Maurya
  • Lead Actors:
    • Vidya Balan as Sulochana “Sulu” Dubey
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Manav Kaul as Ashok Dubey
    • Vijay Maurya as Pankaj Rai Baaghi
    • Neha Dhupia as Maryam “Maria” Sood
    • RJ Malishka as RJ Albeli Anjali
    • Abhishek Sharma as Pranav
  • Producers: Bhushan Kumar / Shanti Sivaram Maini/ Tanuj Garg
  • Music: Guru Randhawa / Rajat Nagpal / Tanishk Bagchi
  • Background Music: Karan Kulkarni

Tumhari Sulu Box Office Collection Update

Day 1₹ 2.87 Cr
Day 2₹ 4.61 Cr
Day 3₹ 5.39 Cr
Day 4₹ 1.84 Cr
Day 5₹ 1.85 Cr
Day 6₹ 1.67 Cr
Day 7₹ 1.55 Cr
Day 8₹ 1.25 Cr
Day 9₹ 2.35 Cr
Day 10₹ 2.81 Cr
Total Collection₹50.84 crore

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Tumhari Sulu Hit or Flop

Tumhari Sulu is a 2017 Bollywood Hit movie and made with a total budget of Rs.20 Cr and collected Rs.50.84 Cr on Box Office Collection. Vidya Balan has played the role very well and she received Best Actress awards from Star Screen and Filmfare awards jury. Also, Tumhari Sulu nominated for 27 categories and won for 6 categories. Tumhari Sulu has received a 7.0/10 rating on IMDb.

Story of Tumhari Sulu

Sulu Family

Sulochana aka Sulu (Vidya Balan) is a middle-class housewife who is living in the suburbs of Mumbai, Virar with her husband Ashok( Manav Kaul) and her eleven-year-old son. Sulu is very happy to go lucky woman who lives her life with fullest and enjoys every work. she loves her husband and son the most. She is unable to complete her education due to which she fails in every business she tires and her elder twin siblings always degrade and humiliate her because of her less education and fail in business.

But she is very active in participating in all the contests happening around her and used to win every competition hence she is enjoying her life. On the other hand her husband Ashok is the manager of the tailoring firm and very frustrated with his job as everyone is very senior to him at his job place and very unreasonable and more over the company is handover to the son of the owner who is very rude man and willingly makes troubles for him at job place. This makes Ashok very irritated and frustrated but he has to do all these things for his family.

Sulu Wins a Radio Contest

Once Sulu participated in a radio contest and wins it, Albeli( R J Malishkha) calls her to inform her about her win and makes her sing and she sang a song and made everyone laugh. Next day she goes to the radio station’s office to collect her prize money, and see a poster thereof auditions of RJ. Now she is willing to participate in this auditions also so she requested receptionist to fill the form but she rejects her. Albeli sees Sulu and takes her to meet Maria, her boss ( Neha Dhupia), Maria finds Sulu very interesting and during their conversation, Maria offers her night show, where people will discuss their problem with her but she has to speak to them in the sensuous way. Maria gives her time to think.

Sulu Becomes RJ

Sulu made her mind to accept Maria’s offer and she starts doing it, the show becomes very popular and Sulu become famous hence Maria is very happy with Sulu and the response they are getting from the audiences. Ashok gets angry and upset with Sulu as she did not ask or discuss anything regarding this with him. But later he gives her permission because he loves her very much. Once during the show, one caller starts the offensive talk with Sulu but smart Sulu handles the caller. Another day another caller tells Sulu to sing a song and out of excitement she sang a song which is used to sing for Ashok, he gets very angry and upset at the same time he is also upset with his work and a new job. Here Sulu’s parents and siblings are also angry with her and tell her to leave the job but Ashok supports her.

Sulu’s Son Suspended from School

One day Sulu gets a call from her son’s school that he tries to do the fake signature of his father and another couple of complaints as a result school suspends Sulu’s son from school. Sulu Gets very upset and her family is blaming Sulu for this that she didn’t pay attention to her son and because of this all happened. Guilty Sulu leaves the job, Meanwhile, her son goes missing leaving a note that her mother has to leave a job for him and has to face all the rebukes from others but they found him next day and Sulu goes to her office for official resignation. Thereee she offers Maria for a tiffin service for her office and Maris agrees. Hence Ashok and Sulu start their own tiffin service.

Review of Tumhari Sulu

Directed by Suresh Tiwari and produced by Bhushan Kumar, Atul Kasbekar Tumhari Sulu is the comedy-drama movie. Vidya carries this movie on her shoulders and glosses over, It was excited to see. How they would treat the topic. Be it Astitva or English Vinglish or Begum Jaan or any women-oriented movies. It’s always going to have the ecosystem just point fingers at the woman herself.

You could say, well we have come a far away from these clichés of women being victimized and we actually see lots of women juggling both home and office and life beyond. We all talk about feminism, empowerment, freedom, rise beyond, etc.. What we forget is we are hypocrites at heart and as a woman. Vidya is always different in the roles she chooses and right from Hum panch days she has been one of my favorite actresses.

Starcast Performance

Vidya instantly relates to you when you see her sari-clad and making the best of any situation. Your heart cringes that she is still trying to prove to your family that you are worth something or that she is not there to support her son as he is getting bullied. Her guilt yet her persistent and optimistic outlook towards life is the only thing that should define today’s generation. Not just women. And slight peekaboo of a strong and dominant person along with the amazing sense of humor completes the healthy recipes for a good meal. What is very interesting in this movie is Manav Kaul (Mr. Ashok) and their son.

In spite of being troubled at work, he supports his wife and is not really worried about the societal pressures. He, of course, has the regular dose of jealousy, social threats, and his own complex. But he rises above all this and enables his leading lady to actually sail through hurdles at ease. The son is cute and for him, his parents are his heroes. And he also lends his support to the mum who is trying hard to prove her worth. This how today’s families are. Supporting each other at every step to build a beautiful home with values.

Music Review

Thereee are multiple music directors of the movie which includes Guru Randhwa and Rajat Nagpal. Thereee are five songs in the movie sung by Shalmali, Arman Malik, Ronkini Gupta, Kavita Krishnamurthy but the most famous and melodious song of the movie is sung by Guru Randhawa that is Ban Ja Rani.