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1921 Full Movie DownloadOne of the epic Bollywood horror movies released in 2018 starring Zareen Khan and Karan Kundra is 1921. Directed, Produced and Written by Vikram Bhatt and 1921 was released on 12 January 2018. The movie is about a guy who is haunted by a Ghost and how he overcomes the ghost. Below in this article, you can find the details about 1921 Full Movie Download and where to Watch 1921 Full Movie Online.

1921 Full Movie Download

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1921 Full Movie Download Filmywap

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1921 Full Movie Download Filmyzilla

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Watch 1921 Full Movie Online

If you are looking to watch 1921 Full Movie Online then you can watch on Amazon Prime Video. However, it takes 3-4 months to gets any movie available on legal streaming websites after its theater release. But we can expect that 1921 Full Movie Online will be available soon on the below mentioned legal streaming websites.

  • MXPlayer
  • Youtube Movies

Watch 1921 Full Movie On TV

1921 the film that has been broadcasted on some of the channels many times, have you missed the hit film so don’t be panic it would be available on TV once again on holiday or at several times because its a one of the hit film. As it will be scheduled soon on some of the channels.

1921, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Vikram Bhatt
  • Written by: Vikram Bhatt
  • Lead Actors:
    • Zareen Khan
    • Karan Kundra
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Aradhya Taing
    • Nidhi Chitraka
    • Angela Krislinzki
  • Producers: Vikram Bhatt
  • Music: Asad Khan, Pranit Mawale and Harish Sagane
  • Background Music: Harish Sagane

1921 Box Office Collection Update

Day 11.56 Cr
Day 22.09 Cr
Day 32.80 Cr
Day 41.62 Cr
Day 51.31 Cr
Day 61.12 Cr
Day 71.06 Cr
Day 80.51 Cr
Day 90.64 Cr
Day 100.88 Cr
Total Collection22.74 Cr


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1921  Hit or Flop

1921 is a horror series movie of Vikram Bhatt and made with the total budget of Rs.15 Cr and collected Rs.22.74 Cr on Box Office Collection. Hence 1921 Bollywood movie is considered as the Average movie on Box Office Collection due to lack of story 1921 is failed to collected Rs.50 Cr on Box Office which is expected prior to release. Also, 1921 is received an average rating of 4.3/10 on IMDb.

Story of 1921

Waiting for Star Performer

The film begins in England with a mass of viewers waiting for a performance to star. The presenter of the show say sorry for the late and goes backstage and intensely tells a woman called Nafisa to call Ayush (Karan Kundra), who has closed himself in the room. When they broke the door of the room they see Ayush has cut his wrist.
Then the movie goes in a flash from the past when he was in Bombay. A rich man Mr.Wadia (Vikram Bhatt) finds Ayush’s amazing talents and ask him to look after his mansion Wadia Manor in York, against of which he ready to pay all his education fees.

The Wadia Mansion

Ayush is delighted to hear this and goes towards his journey to the Wadia Mansion. Ayush is kindly welcome by housekeeper and caretaker of the mansion. He is even more overjoyed to enter the York college of music. After three months while Ayush is doing some paperwork he is witnessing an offensive of paranormal events. Lights start flickering, closed doors opening by themselves. Ayush sees a while light inviting him to come closer but he always stopped by a lady’s shout.

A Message with Drained Blood

He finds a message written with drained blood in a room. He obtains help from Rose( Zarine Khan) a colleague student at the college. As both of them explore they find the secret that they both have kept separately regarding activities of the former three months have more fates and they both may have a bigger connection with the present hunting than they can project. Ayush tells her can hear voices of a machine, And he can see a white light inviting him but as soon as he goes near the light, he hears a shout of a lady which stops him from touching the white light. He describes what happens three months earlier when he entered the mansion.

Villager Entered to Mansion

He permitted the villagers to enter the mansion and listen to his music for money. One day his actions were finds by Meher Wadia (Mr. Wadia’s niece) and she threatened him into giving her a performance or she will get him dismissed. That night at the time of his performance she gave Aayush a poison and attempted to dump him in the city so he could die a slow death. But Ayush knock her making her insensible when coming back to the manor on the way he sees an uncanny spirit and loses his control over the car emerging in a car accident in which Meher dies.

The Meher’s Death

To his shock, nobody opposed him on Mehar death. Eventually, later these paranormal activities start. Rose running an investigation according to his story. She comes to know that Meher never visited York. At the time of their inquiry Ayush and Rose fall in love with each other. When Rose enters a hospital in which she finds that the Meher Wadia that was visited Ayush was their school friend Dina who is already dead three months ago. When she found her death of date she terrified. She clarifies Ayush that all the bad things are happening to him due to her.

Vasudha Was In Love

She describes how her and Nafisa’s room matt Vasudha was in love with a married man Richard but he was not willing to break up with his wife. On one day she joyfully told her friends that Richard was going to marry her as his wife left him. But instead Rose was visited by Richard’s wife soul and she comes to know that Vasudha killed her. She tells Richard that Vasudha killed his wife. When Vasudha comes to know that now Richard knows all the things she commits Suicide.

They try to save her and admitted her to hospital but finally, she dies, and her spirit gets hold of Dian’s body who is also admitted in the same hospital. She has been troubling Ayush when she comes to know that Rose love him. Now they are believed and to get rid of her soul they have gone to church Vasudha strikes Nafia which causes Rose to take her to a hospital where origins one more terrifying discovery. Ayush is admitted in the hospital now he is in a coma from the night when Meher attacked him.

The Soul of Ayush

Rose tells to Nafisa that she has been communicating with Aysuh soul onwards. Ayush soul tries to enter its body but Vasundhara’s spirit stopping him. On the next day when Ayush’s body was going to be removed from the life-supporting machine which will cause in his death. Rose takes Ayush’s hair to make it touch Ayush’s soul but as she leaves the hospital Vasudha’s spirit takes control of Ayush’s body and frightens Rose ruin his body if she leaves.

Vasudha is in full control of his body hurts Rose. Rose tells Vsudha that she knew she was not able to leave and she kills herself. Her spirit arrives and discloses she already sent his hair and a letter Nafisa. Rose fights and beats Vashuda’s spirit. At the same time, Ayush’s soul enters his body and he is saved.

Review of 1921

  • 1921 is a Bollywood horror film which is directed by and also produced by Vikram Bhatt, under the banner of Vikram Bhatt’s LoneRanger Productions.
  • It features Zareen Khan and Karan Kundra in lead roles.
  • The soundtrack of the movie is composed by Asad Khan, Pranit Mawale and Harish Sagane.and the lyrics are written by Raqueeb Alam and Shakeel Azmi.
  • Vikram Bhatt uses each idea in the horror book but he fails to give justice to his story
    In this movie, seeing so many spirits.
  • Zareen khan gives an excellent performance and displayed her acting skill. Karan Kundra has a good screen appearance in the movie.