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Thor Ragnarok Full Movie Download

Thor Ragnarok is 2017 superhero and action Hollywood movie are based on Marvels Comics. Chris Hemsworth has played the lead role in this movie. The movie was released on 10 October 2017. Below in this article, you can find the details about Thor Ragnarok Full Movie Download and where to Watch Thor Ragnarok Full Online.


Thor Ragnarok Movie Details, Cast & Crew

  • Director: Taika Waititi
  • Written by: Eric Pearson / Craig Kyle / Christopher Yost
  • Lead Actors:
    • Chris Hemsworth as Thor
  • Supporting Actors:
    • Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner / Hulk
    • Tom Hiddleston as Loki
    • Cate Blanchett as Hela
    • Idris Elba as Heimdall
    • Jeff Goldblum as Grandmaster
  • Producers: Kevin Feige 
  • Music: Mark Mothersbaugh
  • Background Music: Mark Mothersbaugh

Thor Ragnarok Box Office Collection Update

Day 1$07.77 Cr
Day 2$09.43 Cr
Day 3$10.46 Cr
Day 4$04.10 Cr
Day 5$03.20 Cr
Day 6$02.87 Cr
Day 7$02.54 Cr
Day 8$02.14 Cr
Day 9$03.62 Cr
Day 10$04.25 Cr
Total Collection$85.45 Cr

Thor Ragnarok Hit or Flop

Thor Ragnarok is 2017’s 2nd Marvel movie after Iron man and has done really great in the Box Office. Made with the budget of USD 18 Cr and collection more than $85 Cr, we can say that Thor Ragnarok Is a Super Hit movie.

Story of Thor Ragnarok

Defeating Devil Surtur

After beating the devil Surtur who was presumed to destroy Asgard in the devastating Ragnarok. Thor takes Surtur’s crest back to Asgard, only to find his father Odin is absent and his presumably dead brother Loki is controlling in his place posing as Odin.
After disclosing Loki, Thor pressures Loki to locate their father, and with the instruction from Dr. Strange on the Earth, they find their father Odin in Norway. Odin describes that he is dying and Ragnarok is approaching regardless of Thor’s attempt to prevent it.

Story of Hela

Odin than discloses his passing will permit his child, Hela to flee from the prison. Hela was the leader of Asgard’s soldiers, overcoming the Nine Realms with her father Odin, however, Odin arrested Hela and remove her out of the history after he worried about that she had become too aspiring and mighty. Odin dies in front of Thor and Loki, Hela arises and destroyed the hammer of Thor. Hela chases Loki and Thor as they try to flee using the Bifrost Bridge forcing them out into space.

Hela’s Revenge

Coming in Agards Hela, beating its soldiers and finishing the warrior Three. She then regenerates obsolete dead who once time fought with her, containing her monstrous Wolf, and assigns the Asgardian Skurge as her hangman. She aims to use the Bifrost to extend Asgard’s Kingdom, but Heimdall steals in, and take the sword that manages the bridge and starts hiding other Asgardians.

Thor and Hulk Fight Scene

Thor falls on Sakaar, a garbage planet surrounded by wormholes. One of the slave traders catches the Thor and sell him as a fighter to Sakaar’s lord, the grandmaster, with whom Loki has earlier charmed himself. Then Thor identifies one of the legendary force of female fighters who were killed while fighting with Hela while ago. Later on, Thor is pressured to participate in the Grandmaster’s tournament of champions, against his old friend Hulk. Thor gets the upper hands in the fight, but the Grandmaster obstructs the fight to assure Hulk’s victory against Thor. Thor tries to influence Valkyrior and Hulk to help him save the Asgard, but both are not ready to help him either.

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Escape from Sakaar

Thor soon manages to flee the place and discover the Quinjet which carried Hulk to Sakaar. Hulk goes behind Thor to the Quinjet where Hulk heard the recording of Natasha causes him to convert back into Bruce. The Grandmaster commands Loki and 142 to locate Thor and Hulk, but both of them start fighting with each other, Loki pressurizes 142 to recall the deaths of her fellow fighters in the hands of Hela. loki and 142 decided to help Thor, she takes Loki confined. Loki once again tries to cheat his brother Thor, but he predicts this and leaves Loki behind, where Korg and the fighters soon find him. Banner Thor and Valkyrie flee through a wormhole to Asgard.

The Final Battle

Hela’s army is attacking Heimdall and the remaining Asgardians and hunt of the sword that manage the Bifrost. Bruce again converts in Hulk beating Fenris a giant wolf, while Valkyrie and Thor fighting with Hela and his fighters. meanwhile, Loki and the gladiators arrive to save the citizens of Asgard, and Skurge gives away his life to enable their gate away.
While fighting with Hela, Thor loses his right eye but then he has a sight of his father Odin help him understand only Ragnarok can stop Hela. Thor directs Loki to regain Surtur’s Crest and place it in the Eternal Flame. Surtur is born-again and destroys the Asgard, finishing Hela Onboard the Grandmaster spaceship, Thor now becomes the King and chooses to take his people on the Earth.

Review of Thor Ragnarok

Thor Ragnarok is an American superhero movie and produced by none other than Marvel Studios. Director Taika and the writers come to know that all the things exist together in this ever-growing storytelling and they hold it all. Ragnarok has monsters, Dragons and Gods of death, wormhole and lasers and even magic in form of Dr.Strange. Director Taika not only does mix these components together, but he adds his own humor. Thereee is a never boring scene in the movie, which has more comedy scene than drama.

Watch Thor Ragnarok Full Movie Online

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Thor Ragnarok Full Movie Download

If you are looking for Thor Ragnarok Full Movie Download, then be sure that this movie is not authorized by Marvel Studios. Whereas, other websites who allow Thor Ragnarok Full movie Download are illegal and is against the Copyright Law.

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Watch Thor Ragnarok Full Movie On TV

Thor Ragnarok was last broadcasted on April 1st Week of April on Star Movies in English and Star Plus in Hindi. In fact, till June 2019. you cannot Watch Thor Ragnarok on TV channels. The Schedule after June is yet to be shared, hence you can follow us back to know when to Watch Thor Ragnarok Fill Movie On TV.